Monday December 1

World History:

Learning Targets: Identify the 3 main motivations for European exploration of the Americas

1. Quick Info: God, Gold, and Glory

2. Assignment: Create a visual representation of the 3Gs and explain why/how your representations tie in to exploration

Homework: Finish 3Gs art assignment

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: Annotate a text to identify important details, areas of confusion, and key points; support opinion/inferences with evidence from a non-fiction text

1. QW: Which character traits do you think schools should be helping students develop? Which traits should kids be learning at home?

2. Watch video clip prior to reading article below

3. Read Teaching Kids Grit is all the Rage

 When done, fill out Grit and Character Discussion Questions in preparation for a Socratic Seminar tomorrow.

Homework: Finish reading and questions before class tomorrow.

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