December 2014 archive

Thursday December 18

World History: Learning Target: Describe the conditions of the Middle Passage; Understand the purposes and lifestyles of Africans once they arrived in the Americas 1. Finish movie. If absent, see me for make-up assignment Freshman English: Learning Target: Produce clear, concise writing that is appropraite to the task and audience 1. In computer lab to …

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Tuesday December 16

World History: Learning Targets: Determine how many people were kidnapped and transported via the Middle Passage; Describe the abduction, transport, and shipping conditions of the Africans traveling the Middle Passage 1. QW: 2. People not numbers activity 3. slave trade jigsaw articles  If absent, read through each section and take notes in your journal Freshman …

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Monday December 15

World History: Learning Targets: Determine basic functions of Triangular Trade and evaluate the effects on each of teh involved continents 1. QW: What do you have going on this week? What can you do to help yourself stay focused? 2. Africa in an Age of Transition book questions 3. Discuss questions and effects Freshman English: …

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Friday December 12

World History: Learning Targets: Identify and label coutnries and key geographical features of Africa 1. Current Events 2. Finish African Map Freshmen English: Learning Targets: Identify how and why writing skills are progressing from the first essay to the second; reflect on student understanding and responsibilities in class 1. Qw: Free Write! 2. Pass back …

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Thursday December 11

World History: Learning TArget: Identify and label countries and key geographical features of Africa 1. QW: Write a review of the movie. What would you want to share with someone who was considering watching it? 2. Reflection Questions for Rabbit Proof Fence  Turn in when done 3. Africa Map assignment We'll continue work on this …

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Wednesday December 10

World History: Learning Target: Consider how native conformation leads to a loss of culture/language/tradition/etc; evaluate the actions/policies of the Australian government and their effect on the aborigine people 1. Finish Rabbit Proof Fence. Remember to keep the reflection questions in mind for after the film. Freshman English: Learning Targets: Understand the symbolism of both the …

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Tuesday December 9

World History: Learning Target: Identify ways that culture/freedom was taken away from native Australians under the Aborigine Act; Evaluate the actions of the Australian government 1. Begin Rabbit Proof Fence Freshman English: Learning Targets: Use active readings strategies to decode a text; Consider the symbolism of the Uncharted Forest and Equality's Discovery and determine its …

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Monday December 8

World History: Learning Target: Consider and evaluate how forced conformation of Native peoples led to a permanent loss of heritage/culture/language/etc. 1. QW: Why do you think native people were seen as "savages" by the explorers? 2. Overview of native conformation and the "Stolen Generations" 3. reflection Freshman English: Learning Target: Identify how character, conflict, and key …

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Friday December 5

Sorry posts are missing for the last 2 days! Will be updated this weekend. Check Sunday! World History: 1. Socratic Seminar on Columbus Alternate Assignment if you were absent either Thurs or Fri: Columbus closing argument Freshman English: 1. Discuss Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 and 3 paragraph prompt

Tuesday December 2

World History: Learning Targets: Define key words and identify important exploreers linked to the exploration of north/south America 1. QW: Describe a time that you did something risky or made a choice others didn't agree with. Why did you decide it was worthwhile? How did it turn out? 2. Exploration Book Questions 189 Homework: Finish …

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