November 2014 archive

Friday November 21

World History: Learning Targets: Explain reasons/causes for the Protestant Reformation; List differences between Lutheranism and Catholicism 1. current Events 2. The Protestant Reformation 3. Take Home quiz. If absent, see me ASAP when you return. Homework: Finish your take home quiz. due MONDAY Freshman English: Learning Targets: Use MLA format to correctly format an analytical …

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Wednesday/Thursday November 19/20

World History: Learning Targets: Identify important characteristics of lifestyle during the Renaissance; compare Renaissance life with life in the Middle Ages 1. Renaissance fact hunt articles  Renaissance Fact Hunt  While reading the articles, fill out the worksheet. Be prepared to discuss Renaissance fact hunt articles 2. Discuss as a class. In journal, create a Venn …

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Tuesday November 18

World History: Learning Targets: Identify similarities in different pieces of Renaissance Art; compare Renaissance art to art from the classical and midieval periods. 1. Mini Presentations 2. QW: which piece of art did you like the most and why? What similarities did you see amongst the works we looked at? 3. Discussion Freshman English: 1. …

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Monday November 17

World History: Learning Targets: Identify unique characteristics of Renaissance art; Utilize technology to gain knowledge on assigned artist/art 1. QW: why is art important to history? Why do we still value art today? 2. Go over Middle Ages test 3. Renaissance Art Mini-Presentations Freshman English: Learning Targets: Cite strong textual evidence to support a claim; …

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Friday November 14

World History: 1. QW 2. Current Events 3. Go over grading for Middle Ages Quiz 4. Selected clips from Ever After Freshman English: 1. QW 2. Quick quiz over 9/10 3. Discuss Chapters 9/10 4. Vote on posters

Wednesday November 12

World History: Learning Targets: Apply Machiavellian principles to real life situations to understand renaissance political thinking 1. QW: What do we expect of our political leaders? Are these expectations realistic? 2. Check off and go over book questions 3. Machiavelli simulation. If absent, see me for make-up directions. Freshman English: Learning Targets: See assignment handout …

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Monday November 10

World History: Learning Targets: define key vocabulary related to the Renaissance; make comparisons between the middle ages and the Renaissance to understand lifestyle, politics, and important people 1. Hang up Vet's day posters 2. Renaissance Book Questions in journal. Due Wednesday. Homework: Finish book questions if not done Freshman English: Learning Target: See assignment handout 1. …

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Friday November 7

World History: 1. Current Events 2. 3. Work time for Vet's Day poster Freshman English: Learning Targets: See assignment handout from yesterday 1. Vocab Quiz. If absent, you have 1 week to make this up. 2. Work time for propaganda portfolio.

Thursday November 6

World History: Learning Target: Evaluate popular media for factual representations of lifestyle and social status in the Middle Ages 1. Finish the essay questions from A Knight's Tale 2. Vet's Day  Begin work on Veteran's Day poster Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify different tactics propaganda uses to influence viewers' actions/behavior 1. QW: What techniques do …

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Wednesday November 5

World History: 1. Finish movie 2. Begin "After Watching" essay questions. You'll have time in class tomorrow to finish these. Freshman English: Learning Targets: See assignment handout 1. AF-chapter-VIII-team-read  If you were absent, you need to read chapter 8 and complete this assignment on your own.