October 2014 archive

Friday October 31

World History; Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of lifestyle, social structure, disease, and religion in the Middle Ages 1. Turn in Journals 2. Current Events 3. Quiz: Middle Ages. If absent, you have 1 week to come in after school and make this up. Freshman English: Learning Target: Definet his week's vocabulary words and use context …

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Thursday October 30

World History: Learning Target: Create a study guide that aids in understanding, evaluating, and analyzing key details and events from the Middle Ages 1. Finish Coat of Arms. 2. Middle Ages Study Guide Homework: If you choose to make one, finish your study guide. Freshman English: Learning Target: See Assignment handout 1. Continue Comic Strip …

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Wednesday October 29

World History: Learning Targets: Explain the purpose and history of Coats of Arms 1. Read HERALDRY info 2. Look at coat of arms examples 3. Read through coat of arms Use the stencil below to get started.  Create your own Coat of Arms Homework: Finish coat of arms by tomorrow! Freshman English: Learning Target: Use a …

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Tuesday October 28

World HIstory: Learning Targets: Identify details about important, common jobs during the middle ages 1. QW: What would you like to have as a job someday? Which factors influence your decision? 2. Watch the video at the link below "World's Worst Jobs"  While watching, take notes in your journal that list the name of each …

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Monday October 27

World HIstory: Learning Target: Use critical thinking to evaluate the differences between important people in the middle ages and now 1. QW: How was your weekend? What did you do? 2. Finish 15 Key people of middle ages  Finish notes and answer the reflection questions at the end…1 paragraph each in journal Freshman English: Leraning …

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Friday October 24

World History: Learning Targets: Identify common characteristics of important people in history 1. QW: What are some characteristics/actions that people are often remembered for after death? What would you like to be remembered for? 2. Current Events 3. 15 Key people of middle ages  Take notes on the first 7 people. Freshman English: Learning Targets: Use …

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Wednesday October 22 and Thursday October 23

World History: Learning Targets: Consider the effects epidemic diseases have on a population/society; demonstrate understanding of the causes, symptoms, and effects of the Black Plague 1. QW: How do diseases affect populations/societies? What do they do to lifestyle, economy, social roles, etc.  Which diseases do you know of that have been epidemic in the past? …

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Tuesday October 21

World History: Learning Targets: Compare and Contrast lifestyle in the Middle Ages with modern living 1. QW: How does life in the Middle Ages seem different from life now? What do you think are the most important differences? 2.  Go over book questions 3. Middle Ages. Take notes up until you reach the Black Death. …

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Monday October 20

World History: Learning Targets: Consider the impacts geography has on lifestyle/economy/politics/etc; Identify key facts and people connected to the MIddle Ages 1. QW: When it comes to Europe, there are a great number of countries in a relatively small space. What do you think the effects of this are? what are the positives? Drawbacks? 2. …

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Friday October 17

World History: Learning Targets: Identify key political and geographic features of Europe 1. Current Events 2.   europe blank map Europe map Homework: Finish map Freshman English: Learning Targets: Compare and contrast Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler 1. "Hitler and Stalin: Roots of Evil"  View documentary with questions. If absent, see me for make-up instructions.