Wednesday/Thursday September 24/25

World History:

Learning Targets: I can summarize expectations and constrictions for women in ancient China; I can compare female roles in ancient china to roles in the U.S.

1. QW: Of the 4 religions we've talked about so far, which makes the most sense to you? Why?

2. women in ancient china Women In China Fact Hunt  Use the informational articles to fill in the worksheet.

3. Discuss information and view women in china pics

4. Discussion: Chinese expectations vs. American Expectations

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: I can construct a quality sentence with enough context to demonstrate word meaning; I can read closely to determine the sequence of events and setting details from the story

1. Vocab illustrations and sentences. Quick share of sentences.

2. Map of Ship Trap Island  Work Time!

Homework: Continue working on your map.  You wil have time on Friday, but pace yourself so you can create a quality product by MONDAY.

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