December 2013 archive

Winter Break Extra Credit

Write a 600-1200 word essay responding to one of the prompts below.  Use size 12 Times New Roman font and turn in a quality final draft.  Must be either emailed to me or handed in on Monday January 6th.  Whether or not you use quotes from the book is up to you.  Please visit this …

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Wednesday December 18

Freshman English: Learning Target: Produce a narrative that clearly and cohesively expresses your ideas and demonstrates proper conventions and grammar. 1. In-class work day to finish "I Believe" rough draft. Homework: Finish rough draft. Be ready to type on Thursday and make sure it is at least 2 typed pages. World History: Learning Targets: Describe …

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Tuesday December 17

Fershman EnglisH: Learning Target: Produce a narrative that clearly and cohesively expresses your ideas and demonstrates proper conventions and grammar. 1. This I believe.  Go over assignment and answer questions. 2. Teacher example. I Believe in Exercise 3. Other examples. this i believe example essays Homework: None, just be prepared to continue your writing tomorrow. …

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Monday December 16

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can demonstrate my understanding of the plot, characters, and "big ideas" of ANTHEM 1. QW: How was Friday with Mrs. Krestalude? How was your weekend? How are you feeling about your test today? 2. Check Anthem books in 3. Final Test. If absent, you must come in BEFORE FRIDAY to make …

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Thursday December 12

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can analyze a character's motives and traits to determine how he/she changes over the course of a story. 1. QW: Thoughts on Anthem now that we are done reading? What would you change about the story if you could? 2. Discussion: Chapters 10-12 and Character analysis of Equality 3. Analysis …

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Wednesday December 11

Another Late Start!!! Happy Hump Day Freshman English: 1. Read chapters 10/11/12 with pink book pages Homework: Finish reading…done with Anthem! Be sure you are prepared for graded discussion tomorrow. World History: 1. Finish movie…Finally. 2. Reflection Questions for Rabbit Proof Fence  Due tomorrow. Homework: Finish reflection questions. Remember, you need a paragraph for each …

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Tuesday December 10

Late Start! Hope you enjoyed sleeping in Freshman English: 1. QW: How did Equality's life change when he ran to the forest? What good things did he find there? 2. Graded Discussion of chapters 7-9 Homework: If you are caught up with the reading, no homework! If you are behind, use tonight to get caught …

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Monday December 11

Freshman English: 1. Discuss chapters 4/5/6 2. Read 7/8/9 with pink book pages Homework: Finish reading and pink book pages.  All classes should be through chapter 9 by tomorrow! World History: 1. Begin watching movie "Rabbit Proof Fence" with reflection questions.

Friday December 6

Freshman English: 1. Discuss chapters 2 and 3 2. Read chapters 4/5/6 and complete pink book pages. World History: 1. QW: Why do you think the European explorers viewed the native people as savages? 2. Current Events 3. Pocahontas video clip 4. Take notes on Native conformation by Europeans…get these from a classmate if absent. …

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Thursday December 5

Freshman English: 1. QW: What could be the benefits of arranged marriage/dating? What is your opinion on this topic? 2. Read chapters 2 and 3 of Anthem and complete pink book pages. Homework: Finish if not done. World HIstory: 1. QW: Is it fair to take things from those who are weaker or more vulnerable? …

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