November 2013 archive

Monday November 25

Freshman English: 1. In lab 107 to type final draft of essay. Homework: Final Essay due at the beginning of the period tomorrow. You will not be allowed to leave class to print. If it's not printed and ready to turn in, it will be counted late, NO EXCEPTIONS. World History: 1. Quiz: Renaissance.  If …

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Friday November 22

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can craft an introduction that synthesizes my main points and offers new insight into my topic 1. QW: How is your essay going? 2. Go over introductions and analyze examples. 3. Work time: Finish Rough Draft. Homework: Finish rough draft. Remember, your packet must complete in order to type on …

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Wednesday/Thursday November 21 & 22

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can cite strong and thorough text evidence to support my thesis and construct an analysis to link the text and the topic sentence. 1. Work time to complete 3 body paragraphs. Be sure to meet with Mrs. Peters during this class time to verify you are on the right track! …

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Tuesday November 19

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can craft an introduction that contains an engaging hook, cohesive synopsis, and a quality thesis that relates to the prompt. 1. QW: What lessons can the readers, or the animals, take away from Animal Farm? Think about what we learn about human nature from the characters' behaviors/actions… 2. 2012 AF …

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Monday November 18

Freshman English: 1. Watch Animal Farm Movie…first half today, second half next Tuesday (Before Thanksgiving break) World History: Learning Targets: I can identify defining characteristics of Renaissance Art and research a specific piece of work/artist 1. QW: Why is art important? Why do we respect it and study it? 2. renaissance art chart Discuss and …

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Friday November 15

Freshman english: 1. Work time for the AF Playing Card Assignment.  Remember this is due Monday! Homework: Finish playing card if not done. World History: 1. QW: Make a list of things you noticed from the movie clip yesterday, at least 6 bullet points. 2. Current Events 3. Jigsaw Intro Articles  and Renaissance Fact Hunt …

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Thursday November 14

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can explain the difference between subject and theme 1. QW: Reactions to the end of the story? 2. Chapter 9 and 10 reading quiz 3. Discuss chapters and determine subjects and themes present in the story 4. Animal Farm Allegorical Playing Card World History: Learning Targets: I can analyze how …

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Wednesday November 13

Freshman English: 1. Work time to: – Finish Propaganda Portfolio and turn in. Due TODAY -Read chapters 8 and 9 of AF. You'll have a reading quiz on these chapters tomorrow. Homework: Finish reading! World History: 1. Machiavelli Simulation.  IF absent, you don't have to make this up but be sure that you know who …

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Tuesday November 12

Freshman English: 1. In lab 206 to type up final paragraph drafts and work on final portfolio Homework: Be sure all paragraphs are typed and complete. Bring any supplies you need to complete your portfolio. World History: Learning Targets: I can define key vocabulary pertaining to the Renaissance Period; I can identify differences between the …

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Friday November 8

Freshman English: 1. Vocab Quiz 2. Look at example propaganda paragraph and discuss. 3. Work time to write the 4 paragraphs that analyze your 4 advertisements. Look at the requirements and grading scale on the blue assignment sheet. (See yesterday's post if you lost it…) Homework: Finish paragraphs before Tuesday