April 2013 archive

Tuesday April 30

Freshman English: See Act V packet for Learning Targets 1. Act V Independent Reading  Follow the instructions on this packet to complete the reading of Act V. We'll continue this assignment tomorrow Homework: None World History: Learning Targets: Analyze pictures from the Holocaust to understand what they tell us about History; Identify key details about Elie Wiesel, …

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Monday April 29

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Construct an introduction and conclusion that demonstrate understanding of basic essay structure and fit with the overall structure of your previous body paragraphs 1. Turn in Journals 2. Go over introductions and conclusions. Look at examples. If absent, make arrangements to come in after school to view these examples 3. Romeo …

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Friday April 26

Freshman english: Learning Targets on Packet 1. 20 Minutes group work time to complete assignments 2. Discuss Act IV…How does it represent the "Catastrophe" stage of the Arc of Tragedy? 3. View Act IV of the movie World History: Learning Targets: Define the word "Holocaust"; determine values and/or characteristics that are of the upmost importance …

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Thursday April 25

Freshman English: See Packet for Learning Targets 1. Continue group work time to finish reading and completing assignments for Act IV.  Remember, you will only have about 20 minutes to wrap things up tomorrow! World History: Learning Targets: Analyze the U.S. use of the atomic bomb and determine if this was a good decision; formulate …

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Tuesday April 23

Freshman English: See Assignment Handout for Learning Targets 1. small group Act IV  If absent, you must Read Act IV on your own TODAY in order to join a group when you return. If you have not read Act IV by tomorrow, or you are absent more than one day, you will need to complete the …

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Monday April 22

Freshman English:Learning Targets: Identify complications that arise in Act III and signify the "Reversal of Fortune"; Establish primary character traits of Mercutio and craft an anlysis paragraph to analyze the trait 1. QW: Refresh your brain…what's happened so far in Act III? 2. Finish reading Act III and discuss 3. Construct an analysis paragraph that …

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Wednesday April 17

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Locate and interpret key lines from Act II 1. QW: So far, who is your favorite character in R&J? Who do you like the least? 2. Finish reading Act II aloud 3. RJ-Act-II-LSH Homework: Finish the Lines Scavenger Hunt to turn in tomorrow.  Don't tell me you couldn't do it; do …

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Tuesday April 16

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Explain the advancement of R & J's relationship in Act II; Use active reading/listening skills to interpret and discuss Act II 1. Go over Act II Prologue. If absent, check with me for the No Fear Shakepeare version. 2. Group reading of Act II… If absent, DO YOUR BEST to read …

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Monday April 15

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Identify the events that occur in Act II that are creating challenges for R&J; Use decoding skills to interpret Act II Prologue 1. View Act II 2. Act II Prologue. In pairs, do your best to translate this into your own words. 3. QW: What are your impressions of Act II …

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Thursday April 11

freshman English: Learning Targets: properly cite lines from Shakespeare; use multiple quotations to support a proposition. 1. Qw how are you feeling about Shakespeare after reading Act 1? Does it fit what you expected? 2. Citations and Analysis Paragraphs homework: Finish paragraph and study for your quiz tomorrow! World History:  1. Letters From The Trenches