March 2013 archive

Wednesday March 27

Freshman English: Learning Targets: identify definitions of Dramatic Irony, Symbolism, Character Foil, and Literary Tragedy; Interpret the prologue to gain a greater understanding of Shakespeare's language 1. QW: If you had to define love, what would you say? What specifically does it look like? Explain. 2. Turn in Journals. If absent, get this to me …

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Tuesday March 26

Freshman English: Learning Targets: See Powerpoint 1. QW: Refresh your brain: Why do we still read SHakespeare? What do you think was some of the most important info that we covered yesterday? What did you learn that you didn't know before? 2. Romeo and Juliet  If absent, view powerpoint and take notes on everything in …

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Monday March 25

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Explain key elements of Shakespeare's life and time period; Describe reasons we still read Shakespeare; Describe Iambic Pentameter and adjustments that must be made to make it work 1. Romeo and Juliet Intro Prezi. If absent, you will need to get these notes from a classmate, or come in one day …

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Wednesday March 20

Freshman English: 1. Turn in final essay 2. Continue watching To Kill A Mockingbird World History: Learning Target: Be able to explain the reasons behind UN resistance in Hotel Rwanda 1. QW: Why do you think ordinary people take part in genocide? What kind of situation or mindset must occur for people to see these …

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Tuesday March 19

Freshman English: Learning Target: Identify errors and revise if necessary to improve a  final product 1. QW: What grade do you expect to receive on your essay? Why? 2. Double check your essay using the Final Essay Checklist  Be sure that your essay meets all requirements before turning it in. If you need to revise, …

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Monday March 18

Freshman English: Learning Target: See pink sheet 1. In computer lab to type essay.  Remember final essay is due at the start of the period tomorrow. World History: Learning Target: Demonstrate understanding of imperialism by creating a political cartoon that depicts imperialism in general or a specific instance of imperialism we studied in class 1. …

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Friday March 15

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Craft a cohesive conclusion; identify errors and revise to improve a final product 1. QW: What are your plans for the weekend? What do you have left to do for your essay and how will you fit this into your schedule? 2. Continue work on TKAM essay.  If you have lost …

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Wednesday March 13

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Choos clear, concise evidence to support propositions; craft detailed analyses to analyze the quote 1. QW: How are you feeling about your essay? What do you hope to get done today? 2. Continue working on essay. By Friday, you MUST have at least 2 of the body paragraphs complete. 3. Meet …

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Essay Planning Packet

If you would like to use the planning packet for your essay that we have used in the past, please feel free to print it out!  If you complete this, it will count as your rough draft. essay planning packet

Monday March 11

Freshman English: Learning Targets: choose precise, well-chosen words to create an effective hook;  identify a theme and instances where the theme is shown. 1. Begin working on TKAM Essay. If you need a new handout,  click here Theme Essay 2013 Homework: Finish introduction  before next class period. World History: Learning Targets: Identify key details from …

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