February 2013 archive

Wed/Thurs February 27/28

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can identify key details relating to the trial of Tom Robinson 1. Turn in journals 2. Read Chapters 17/18/19/20 with Trial-Handout Homework: Finish reading and handout. We'll be reading more tomorrow so don't fall behind!  

Tuesday February 26

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can explain how mob mentality factoried in to the events in chapter 15 1. Qw: Why do you think people sometimes behave differently in big groups than they do when they're alone? Do you think it's okay to do things with a group that you wouldn't normally think was okay? …

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Monday February 25

Freshman English: Learning Targets: define this week's vocabulary; identify passages that give important info in chapters 15 and 16 1. QW:How was Friday with the sub? What did you get done? 2. Go over Week 3 Vocabulary TKAM.  Quiz on Friday! 3. Reading chapter 14 as a class and discuss 4. Read chapters 15 and …

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Friday February 22

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can define this week's vocab words and correctly place them into sentences; I can connect to the book's themes/messages on a personal level 1. Vocab Quiz 2. Creative Writing Options for TKAM Homework: finish Creative Writing by Monday. World History: Learning Target: Understand basic factors and characteristics of the Industrial …

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Thursday February 21

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can recall key details from last night's reading; I can select a quote that demosntrates indirect characterization to support my claim 1. QW: Describe someone you are not fond of. Don't have to give a name. WHat about this person bothers you? 2. Chapter 12/13 discussion 3. Ch. 12-13 paragraph  …

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Wednesday February 20

Freshman English: Learning Target: define key characteristics of characters, conflicts, and events in part 1 of TKAM; identify passages that 1. QW: Describe a time when you have felt out of place. 2. Discuss Chapters 10 and 11 3. Part 1 Questions.  If absent, you have a week to make up this quiz. After next …

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Tuesday February 19

Freshman English: Learning Targets: Reflect on errors to improve reading comprehension; demonstrate understanding of chapters 10 and 11 by answering varying levels of questions 1. QW: What does courage mean to you? Describe someone you know that you believe to be courageous. 2. Go over Reading comprehension scale and last week's quiz 3. Semester 2 Paragraph …

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Thursday February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Freshman English: Learning Targets: participate in small group discussion to deepen understanding of the text; Reflect on first semester's progress in relation to paragraphing 1. Vocab Quiz 2. Small group discussions. If absent, you must answer Discussion Questions for chapters 8 and 9 in writing. Turn in when you return. 3. Self-reflection and …

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Wednesday February 13

Freshman English: Learning Target: Be able to define Indirect Characterization and demonstrate understanding by locating examples in the text; Show understanding of TKAM by locating passages that meet the given criteria 1. QW: How do you feel about your parents? What are their strengths? Weaknesses? 2. Remind 101 Info.  This service would allow me to …

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Tuesday February 12

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can answer varying levels of questions to determine my level of reading comprehension so far 1. QW: How do you think you do at remembering what you read? What about understanding it? 2. Pair-Share of last night's reading targets 3. TKAM quiz on chapters 1-7.  If absent, you need to …

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