January 2013 archive

Monday January 28

Freshman English: 1. "Cash In" late passes 2. Continue work on book project (Yes, you are lucky and I'm giving you today too!) 3. Go over finals schedule for the next 3 days Homework: Study! World History: 1. "Cash In" late passes 2. Continue open book portion of the final 3. Go over finals schedule …

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Friday January 25

Freshman English: 1. Continue working on final book project. Due by end of period. 2. Study Vocab for next week's final! Homework: Prepare for you final by looking through your notes, refreshing your brain on the steps of TPCASTT, and studying vocab!!! World History: 1. Begin open book portion of your final. Finish on Monday.

Thursday Jan. 24

Freshman English: Continue work on final book project. World HIstory: Crossword Review. Remember to organize your papers/test/notes for your test tomorrow!

Wednesday January 23

Freshman English: 1. In Class Work Time for First Semester Final Book Project World History: 1. Jeopardy Review of First Semester Info PREPARE: TOMORROW we will play pictionary to preview second semester!

Thursday January 17

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can effectively apply TPCASTT to an unfamiliar poem to increase my understanding 1. QW: 2. Vocab 3. TPCASTT Quiz. If absent, you MUST make this up next week. 4. POL Practice in Pairs Homework: Practice your poem! Read your book! World History: Learning Targets: I can analyze the historical accuracy …

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Wednesday January 16

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can define key vocab words relating to tone; I can determine the theme in given song lyrics; I can apply the TPCASTT method to understand an unfamiliar poem 1. Poetry Tone vocab  Copy down any words that you are missing. 2. Sign up for POL order 3. Theme Practice. If …

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Tuesday January 15

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can define key words pertaining to emotion; I can work to understand specific poems and respond to them in a creative manner 1. QW: What worries do you currently have about either POL or your book project? Any questions that are still unclear to you? 2. Poetry Tone Vocab   Copy …

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Friday January 11

Freshman English: Learning Target: Effectively communicate the tone and meaning of a poem auditorially; Practice effective speaking techniques such as eye contact and rate of speech 1. QW: How do you generally feel about presenting? Does the topic or audience affect your feelings? How do you overcome nervousness? 2. Present Visual Metaphors 3. Poetry Tone …

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Thursday January 10

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can demonstrate my understanding of metaphor by creating an extended metaphor poem 1. Work day for your Visual Metaphor…remember you will be presenting this tomorrow. World History: Learning Target: I can create a memorial to commemorate those lost during the Middle Passage; I can show sensitivity to a historical tragedy …

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Wednesday January 9

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can complete a detailed analysis of my poem which focuses on tone, theme and word choice. 1. QW: Take somet time to copy your poem into your journal. Be sure to copy it word for word! 2. Wall Talk 3. Detailed poem analysis. If absent, see me for assignment when …

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