Friday November 30

Freshman English:

Learning Target: I can use feedback to revise and improve past work and to influence future work; I can construct a final draft of my essay using correct MLA Format

Periods 2 & 4: In computer lab typing final essay. Essay due Monday!!!

Period 3:

1. QW: Reflect on your progress towards the completion of your book project. How is the reading coming along? How do you feel about making your brochure? HOw much effort have you put in so far?

2. Work time to revise yesterday's paragraph, read, or begin brochure rough draft

Homework: Remember we are in the computer lab on Monday . Be prepared to work on your brochure (In other words, be done with your book!!!)

World HIstory:

Learning Targets: I can explain which key factors led to advancement in some parts of the world and not others; I can summarize the information Jared Diamond presents

1. Current Events

2. Guns, Germs, and Steel Episode 2 with guided viewing ?s

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