Wednesday November 28

Freshman English:

Learning Target: I can create body paragraphs with quality topic sentences, context, quotes, and analyses; I understand the purpose of the conclusion paragraph and can use that understanding to construct a quality conclusion.

1. QW: What is the job of the conclusion paragraph? What do you think makes this paragraph good? What might make it less than good?

2. Look at sample conclusions and discuss

3. Essay work time.

Homework: Finish essay rough draft if not done.  Bring choice book for a reading/work day tomorrow.

World History:

Learning Target: I can use my prior knowledge to identify key vocabulary words

1. QW: Luther was a very influential person in his time period. Who do you think are the most influential people of our time period? why?

2. Go over movie questions from yesterday

3. Review Crossword

Homework: Study for tomorrow's quiz on the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation

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