Monday November 19

Freshman English:

Learning Target: I can recall facts about Animal Farm in order to recognize differences between the novella and the film.

1. QW: Make some guesses as to what might be different in the film. Try to remember important parts of the novella, and think of how/why they might be changed.

2. Begin watching Animal Farm. 

3. Work on your AF Playing Card assignment while watching. Remember this is due by the end of the period tomorrow!

World History:

Learning Target: I can summarize key details about the evolution of art and artistic techniques during the Renaissance period

1. QW: What do you know about art in history? Why do you think art is important? Or is it? Explain

2. Discuss Renaissance Fact Hunt from Friday

3. Renaissance Art PPT and notes

4. Go over tomorrow's Renaissance Art mini-presentations

HOMEWORK: Research your assigned piece of artwork or artist for tomorrow's mini-presentation. If you don't have access to a computer at home, plan to research before school or during lunch tomorrow! Don't whine, find solutions :)

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