Wednesday November 14

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: I can participate in academic discussion to further understand a text; I can read for understanding by pulling key details from a text

1. QW:

2. Discuss Chapter 9

3. Read Chapter 10 together and discuss

4. TS/Cx/Q/A paragraph on this prompt:

In chapter 10, the pigs make their final transition towards becoming humans by walking on two legs, wearing clothes, etc.  Using the text to support your answer, craft a paragraph that discusses why the animals are not responding more negatively to the situation on Animal Farm.

4. Go over AF playing cards rubric.  Be ready for a work day on Friday!

Homework: READ YOUR CHOICE BOOK…you are down to about 3 weeks!

World History:

Learning Targets: I can apply Machiavelli's political principles to modern situations and justify my choices to a group

1. QW: What do you believe are the key traits of a good leader?

2. Read Machiavelli's "The Prince" and highlight key details

3. Machiavelli's Simulation. If absent, see me for directions upon return.


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