Monday November 13

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: I can reflect upon my own learning and evaluate past work to improve future performance; I can read for understanding by pulling key details from a text

1. QW: How did your propaganda project go? Did you find it easy, hard, interesting? Explain

2. Turn in Propaganda Booklets.  If not done, you will need to use a late pass to earn credit!

3. Paragraph discussion and tracking. If absent, see me ASAP

4. Vocab Quiz

5. Reading chapter 9 with reading targets below:

– Gather evidence that the pigs are deceiving the other animals.

-Select a passage that you believe is the most important of the chapter and be prepared to justify your choice in discussion tomorrow.

Homework: Finish reading Chapter 9. Bring choice book tomorrow!

World History:

Learning Targets: I can identify key details about the Renaissance through discussion;

1. QW: How did your poster turn out? Explain how you did and why you chose to create what you did.

2. Go over Renaissance Book ?s in Journal

3. Transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance TEACHER PPT and Notes


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