Wednesday November 7

Freshman English:

Learning Targets: I can pose questions to my classmates and use textual resources to answer others' questions; I can use selections from a text to support my views/interpretations

1. Vocab from yesterday: Vocab Definitions #3

2. QW: What does the word "betrayal" mean? In what situations do we use this word? Can you think of any betrayals (in real life or fiction) that you are familiar with?

3. Graded Discussion chapters 6/7

4. Readaloud Chapter 8 and discuss

World History:

Learning Targets: I can evaluate historical accuracy in a video source; I can find examples of social status, lifestyle, and women's roles in the Middle Ages

1. Book Questions from Yesterday Renaissance Book Questions

2. Continue watching A Knight's Tale with assignment.  Be prepared to work on extended responses in class tomorrow. (If any research is needed, do it tonight!)

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