English 9 Weekend Homework

Step 1: Read the Animal Farm Example Paragraph 1 and consider how the author integrated the quote and analyzed specific parts of the quote to link it to the TS.  Make note of 2 things this paragraph does well that you need to work on.

Step 2: Consider your own paragraph. Focus on what you need to do to improve your current score. (This requires looking at the rubric and using it as you write!!!)

Step 3: On a new sheet of paper, create a final, revised draft of your paragraph.  Be sure you consider the feedback you were given, fix or change anything that is needed, and proofread. You may type or handwrite.

Step 4: Write the two things you noted about the example paragraph on your final draft, either at the bottom or on the back.

Step 5: Be ready to turn in your final draft and your rough draft on Monday.  No excuses. No whining.

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