October 2012 archive

Wednesday October 31

Happy Halloween Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can read for comprehension by pulling key facts and details from a text; I can make connections between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution by identifying similarities between characters and historical figures 1. Agree/Disagree Activity in Journal 2. Read Chapter 4 alone with Reading Targets 3. Complete character …

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Tuesday October 30

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can pose a question to my classmates in order to further understand a text; I can make a judgement about a text and support it with quotations/textual evidence; I can participate in class discussion by clearly expressing my own ideas and building on the ideas of others 1. QW: Describe …

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Monday October 29

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can define all 10 of this week's vocab words; I can read for comprehension and extract key details from the text 1. QW: What did you do this weekend? 2. Af Vocab #2 3. SSR AF Chapter 3. While reading, aim to meet these reading targets: Select a passage that …

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Friday October 26

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can read for understanding, pulling key details from a chosen text. 1. Go over sentence activity 2. Check choice book and read!!! Homework: Read choice book World History: Learning Targets: I can recall prior knowledge on the Black Death and apply it to complete a creative assignment. 1. QW: What …

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Thursday October 25

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of my own work in order to improve future assignments; I can choose strong textual evidence to support a given topic sentence 1. QW: 2. Review essay. Write a letter to Mrs. Peters answering the following questions: What did you do really well and …

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Wednesday October 24

Freshman English: 1. QW: Who do you think Old Major, Napolean, and Snowball represent in the Russian Revolution? Why? (If you're not sure, take a guess…) 2. Chapter 1/2 and Vocab Quiz. If absent, you must make this up by next Wednesday 10/31. Homework: Get choice book by Friday! World History: Learning Target: I can …

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Animal Farm Full Text

To read Animal Farm at home, click on the link below and choose the chapter needed from the column on the right http://www.george-orwell.org/Animal_Farm/index.html chapter summary

Tuesday October 23

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can pose questions to increase my comprehension; I can draw inferences from a key passage and explain which parts of the passage led to my inference. 1. QW: Summarize some of the key points that Old Major made in chapter 1. Make a prediction as to what you think will …

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Monday October 22

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can pose a proposition and use textual evidence to support my claim. 1. QW: Describe a belief that you'd be willing to fight for. Why is this important to you? 2. Read Ch. 1 of AF together 3. Complete a TS/CX/Q/A paragraph that answers this prompt:Based on the information in …

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Friday October 19

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can utilize a rubric to analyze and evaluate my own work; I can compare and contrast Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler using details from the video 1. Book Project self-evaluation and turn in 2. Finish Video and go over questions 3. Complete Venn Diagram with a partner on back of …

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