September 2012 archive

Friday September 28

Freshman English: 1. Go over six week book assignment. If absent, see me ASAP for this info 2. TMDG and Vocab Quiz World HIstory: Learning Targets: I can differentiate between mainstream and indegenous religions; I can summarize the info on the religions discussed in class 1. Video: Indigenous Religions.  If absent, copy notes from a …

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Thursday September 27

Freshman English: 1. Library Orientations! Homework:  Study for quiz tomorrow!!! Remember, there will be some VERY specific questions so be sure to review the story. Link is above World HIstory: Learning Target: I can analyze gender roles in Ancient China and establish connections to modern America. 1. QW: Do you think we have reached true …

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TMDG Story and Paragraph Info

For your paragraph Due on Thursday Sept. 27, use the links to the story and prompts below Most Dangerous Game story Sept. 25 Paragraph info

Wednesday September 26

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can identify an area that needs improvement in my own writing and set a goal to work towards that improvement; I can practice the writing process while demonstrating my understanding of analytical paragraphing. 1. Quickwrite: Be honest…have you been doing your best work in class so far? Explain why or …

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Tuesday September 25

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I can read a text with reading targets in mind and give the asked for information when done; I can analyze the topic sentence, context, and quote of a paragraph and construct an analysis portion that completes the paragraph 1. QW: Make some predictions about the story. What do you think …

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Monday September 24

Freshman English Learning Targets: I can define all 10 of this week's vocabulary words; I can read a text with reading targets in mind and state the asked for information when done 1. QW: Describe a time when you felt scared or suspicious. How did you deal with those feelings? 2. MDG Vocab  If absent, …

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Friday September 21

Freshman English: Learning Targets: I will demonstrate my understanding of "The Necklace" and this week's vocab by successfully completeting this week's quiz 1. QW: What will you do this weekend? 2. Quiz. If absent, see me to schedule a make-up quiz 3. Choice Reading No Homework! Yay! World History: Learning Target: I will demonstrate my …

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Thursday September 20

See Yesterday's Post for today's agenda Link to Satire of the Trades for Help Wanted Poster:

Wednesday September 18

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can demonstrate my understanding of analysis paragraphs by crafting a paragraph that contains a topic sentence, context, quote, and analysis 1. QW: What do you think is your main character trait? Is this trait a good thing or a flaw? Explain. 2. Conflict and paragraph structure review 3. Analysis paragraph. …

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Tuesday September 18

Freshman English: Learning Target: I can define all 10 of this week's vocabulary words and use each one in a quality sentence. 1. QW: Reactions to the story? What stood out to you? Confused you? 2. Check off worksheets and discuss story 3. Necklace Vocab  If absent, copy definitions into your journal to earn your …

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