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Have A Wonderful Summer!!!

I have so loved being your teacher! Enjoy your summer and stay out of trouble!

Tuesday June 19

FINALS SCHEDULE: CLASSES START AT 9:45 WITH PERIODS 3 AND 4 TO FOLLOW Freshman english: 1. Book Talks by: 3rd Period: Josh, Aline, Michael, Sam, Kyle, Kayla, Abby, Brett, Alex, SHadi, Skyler, Taylor, and Savannah World History: 1. Presentations by: Courtney Macy Raevyn/Leah Kevin Robert Tyler/Branden Jamison

Monday June 18

FINALS SCHEDULE: CLASSES START AT 9:45 WITH PERIODS 2 AND 5 TO FOLLOW Freshman English: 1. Presentations by: 2nd Period: Robbie, Nicole, Jamie, Dakota, Sarah, Paige, Desmond, Chase, Miranda, Chayce, Braden, Alyssa, and Lucas 5th Period: Michael K., Tamara, Grant, Mark, Arianna, Sam, Jeffrey, Nikee, Micaela, Emahn, and Korbin  

Thursday June 14

Freshman English: 1. Book Talks by: 1st Period: Keith, Brendan, Ryan, Denis, Skylar, Loy, Josh, and Andre 2nd Period:Tyler, Jordan, Katie, Nick Taylor, Rachel, Mikayla, and Mitchell 3rd Period: Jake, Chad, Geoffrey, Nikki, Charlee, Andrey, Jordan F., and Danielle 5th Period: Emma, Nina, Alex, Zach, Michael, cydnee, Evi, and Yuri

Friday June 15

FINALS SCHEDULE: CLASSES START AT 9:45 WITH PERIODS 1 AND 6 TO FOLLOW Freshman English: 1. Presentations By: 1st Period: Brandon, Jayde, Veronica, Rachael, Brooks, Tanner, Holly, Jordan, Cameron, Brian and Jacob  

Wednesday June 13

Freshman English: Goals: To demonstrate comprehension of choice book; to share literary elements within choice novel 1. Book Talks by: 1st Period: Charlie, Brady, Sophi, Aubrey, Vanessa, Jason, Alexa, and Zephry 2nd Period: Kevin, Zach, Hudson, Erin, Mckinley, Josie, Mckinley 3rd Period: Riley, Jordan K., Katie, Cassy, Tristen, Reid, Olivia, and Audrey 5th Period: Ryan, …

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Tuesday June 12

Freshman English: Goals: To finish Prezi book talk! 1. Last day in lab to work on Prezi presentation. Homework: Finish Prezi and practice book talk. Book Talks start tomorrow! World History: Goals: To demonstrate understanding of an important world event through research and presentation 1. Final Presentations by: Britanny/Jazmin Alecia Matty Austin/Connor

Monday June 11

Freshman English: Goals: To demonstrate understanding and imporvement in analytical writing techniques; to gain experience with Prezi.com; to assemble a quality book talk 1. In lab 503 to put together Prezi Book Talk.  Remember to keep the book talk scoring sheet in mind so that you have everything!!! Homework: Continue working on Prezi if you …

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Friday June 8

Freshman English: 1. In Lab 503. Choice work day: You can either type your final essay or begin working on your Prezi presentation.  Remember that if you begin Prezi, you need to type over the weekend! Homework: Finish Final Essay! Due Monday…no excuses or exceptions.  I WILL NOT TAKE THIS LATE! World History: 1. Display …

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Thursday June 7

Freshman English: 1. Essay Work Day. Remember, rough draft is due Friday, final due Monday! World History: 1. In lab 200 to gather/create/find/print pics/info for display board. Homework: Bring all materials (including your tri-fold board!!!) to class on Friday so you can assemble your board!!! I will not be supplying any supplies. (Think construction paper, …

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