March 2012 archive

Friday March 30th

Freshman English Goal: Begin to understand R&J through powerpoint synopsis. Also, develop of clear chart of the character relations through chracter map. 1. Quick Write: Have you ever wanted something you couldn't have? Did it make you want it more? Explain! 2. Romeo and Juliet Powerpoint 3. Watch Act I of Romeo and Juliet, while …

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Thursday March 29th

Freshman English Goal: be able to understand what a "pun" is, and the uniquness of a Shakespearean insult. 1. Quick Write: "Insults" 2. Shakespearean Insults: Create your own! FUN! Put these in your journal under the quick write. 3. Puns: What is a pun? Look at Examples. Sad Story Pun. <–All three of these are different. …

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Wednesday March 28th

Freshman English Goal: develop a deeper understanding of Sheakespeare's language by looking at words and phrases he created 1. Quick Write: Your Words 2. Activity about YOUR language Homework   World History Goal: Review through study guide 1. Watch Hotel Rwanda with viewing questions 2. Work on Study Guide   Homework TEST FRIDAY! STUDY!

Tuesday March 27th

Freshman English Goal: To gain more knowledge about Sheakespeare (his life, works, and more!) through video. 1. Finish Shakespeare in the Classroom 2. Quick Write: What was the most interesting fact you learned about Shakespeare? Explain. Did this video make you excited for Romeo and Juliet? 3. **Hate Poems "Snip your Hair" "The Pleasure of …

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Monday March 26th

Freshman English Goal: to identify student's knowledge of Shakespeare using a KWL Chart 1. KWL Chart for Shakespeare 2. Go over Love/Hate questionnaire from Friday, turn in. 3. Shakespeare in the Classroom video   Homework World History Goal: to build a clearer understanding of imperialism and genocide through videos. 1. Sometimes in April *The video lied …

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Friday March 23rd

Freshman English Goal: gain a deeper understanding of love and the types of love. 1. Heart Map 2. Love/Hate Questionnaire   Homework If you didn't finish your Love/Hate questionnaire in class, it is homework.   World History Same as yesterday!

Thursday March 22nd

Freshman English Goal: distinguish the difference between love and infactuation. 1. Quick Write: Connect to Your Life: What is the difference between love and infatuation? What do we love and what do we become infatuated with? Some people say they love their car or their stereo, while others claim that love is only real when …

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Wednesday March 21st

Freshman English Goal: Improve presentation skills by sharing with the class Creative Project 1. Quick Write: How do you feel about your creative project? About presenting? 2. Present Creative Project 3. Shakespeare Brief and Naughty Homework: None!   World History Goal: Improve presentation skills by sharing with the class Political Cartoon 1. Quick Write: How …

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Tuesday, March 20th

English 9 Goal: use work time to complete Creative assignment 1. Quick Write: How was your weekend? How was the day with the sub? What did you decide to do for your creative project? 2. Creative Project work time Homework: Creative Project due tomorrow!!!   World  HIstory Goal: demonstrate understanding of values, both personal and …

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Monday, March 19th

Ms. Knudsen home sick today, Sorry! A sub for a sub! Thank you to everyone for being flexible and good for the sub! English 9 Goal: express creativity through a choice project that demonstrates understanding of characters and theme in TKAM 1. Turn in Hero Essay! 2. Pass out TKAM Creative Assignment 3. Work time! …

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