Tuesday February 28th

Freshman English

Goals: To show understanding of reading by creating level three questions for Wednesday's discussion.

1. Quick Write: What were your reactions to the trial outcome? Were your predictions correct?

2. Read Ch. 23/24 of TKAM

3. Create two level three discussion questions to be used for whole class discussion on Wednesday


Complete day's work if not finished in class.

Journals due TOMORROW! Don't forget to bring yours!

World History

Goals: To demonstrate understanding of imperialism through scramble activity.

1. Quick Write: Is it okay to take things that aren't yours? Explain.

2. Scramble Activity/Discuss observations

3. Imperialism powerpoint–What is Imperialism?


Journals due TOMORROW! Don't forget to bring yours!

Make sure to bring your textbook to class Wed. 2/29

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