Friday February 24

Mrs. Peters Last Day! Hope you all have a wonderful couple of months with Ms. Knudsen! :)

Freshman English:

Goals: To use discussion to further understanding of a  text; to demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary

1. Vocab Quiz.  If absent, you must make this up by next Friday!

2. Discuss chapters 17/18

3. Read chapters 19/20 and complete Trial Handout.  If not done with Ch. 20, finish as homework!!!

World History:

Goals: To broaden understanding of modern day child labor issues; to formulate a personal opinion on a controversial issue

1. QW: When you were younger what were your jobs?

2. Current Events

3. Watch clips pertaining to child labor and discuss

4. Read child labor student essay and discuss

5. Reflection in Journal: Is there a reason for child labor in our modern world? Why or why not?

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