Thursday February 23

Freshman English:

Goals: To read Chapters 17 and 18 of TKAM; to use active reading techniques to improve understanding

1. QW:  Make some predictions about the trial. How do you think it will turn out? What will people's reactions be? What is the truth?

2. Read chapters 17 and 18.  While reading, fill out the Trial-Handout. Use as much detail as possible and be ready to discuss these chapters on Friday!

3. Study vocab :)

Homework: Finish reading if not done and study for Vocab quiz tomorrow!!!

World History:

Goals: To understand important inventions/inventers of the Industrial Revolution; To reflect on how history impacts modern times

1. QW: What do you think is the MOST IMPORTANT invention of our time? Explain why you chose what you did.

2. Key people and Inventions of the Industrial Revolution PPT.  If absent, view PPT and take notes in journal.  This info will be on your next quiz!!!

HEADS UP:  On Monday 2/27 you will have a quiz over the Industrial Revolution. Be prepared!!!

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