Wednesday February 22

Freshman English:

Goals: To demonstrate understanding of chapters 15 and 16; use discussion to aid understanding

1. QW: Do you think our justice system is fair? Why or why not?

2. Quick quiz on Ch. 15/16.  If absent, make this up ASAP

3. Graded Discussion on 15/16.  If absent, write your responses to ch 15-16 questions to make up the points!

4. Vocab flashcards. Due tomorrow!

Homework: Finish flashcards and study vocab!!!

World History:

Goals: to simulate a dialogue between worker and overseer during the Industrial Revolution

1. QW: Describe what you believe to be fair work conditions. Be detailed!

2. Worker/Overseer Simulation. 

3. Written dialogue between worker and overseer. Due by end of period.


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