Tuesday February 21

Freshman English:

Goals: To identify with classic literary characters; to use active reading skills to analyze and interpret TKAM\

1. QW: Why do you think people do things in groups that they wouldn't normally do?  Does it make it okay to do something that's wrong if other people are doing it too? Explain.

2. TKAM Vocab #3.  If absent, you need to get vocab from Peters or a classmate when you return!

3. Discuss chapter 14. What happened? Why is it significant?

4. Read chapter 15 together and discuss.

5. Read Chapter 16 with Trial-Handout.  As you read, add DETAILED info to the trial handout.  This will be due on Friday when we are finished reading about the trial.

Homework: Finish reading chapter 16 with handout.  Be sure you understand what happened…there will be a notecard quiz on chapters 15/16 tomorrow!!!

World History:

Goals: To gain an understanding of the factory and cottage systems of production; to analyze pros and cons of each system; to reflect on modern industry

1. QW: What usually convinces you to buy something? How do you decide if it's worth it?

2. Cottage vs. Factory Paper Airplane Simulation.  If absent, see me for handout and instructions.

3. Reflection writing in journal.


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