Friday February 17

Freshman English:

Goals: To demonstrate knowledge of TKAM vocabulary; to practice active reading skills; to reflect on reading through creative writing

1. Vocabulary Quiz. If absent, come in to make this up ASAP

2. Read Chapter 13 together and discuss.

3. Read Chapter 14 alone and work on Chapter 14 Letter Assignment

4. Hand out parent letter- maternity leave

Homework: Get Parent Letter Signed!  Finish reading chapter 14 and complete letter assignment…Due Tuesday!

World History:

Goals: To use the textbook to investigate the Industrial Revolution; to gain understanding of current events

1. QW: How do you think our society would be different if we still operated in a farming system? What would be good about it? Bad?

2. Current Events- Robert and Tyler

3. Industrial Revolution Book Questions.  Due by end of period!

4. Hand out parent letter

Homework: Get parent letter signed!


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