January 2012 archive

Wednesday January 25

Finals in Periods 1 and 6 Freshman English:  Remember to bring your choice reading book on the day of your final!!! If you forget it, there is nothing I will be able to do to help you compensate!

Monday January 23

Freshman English: Goals: To reflect on the importance of poetry throughout the viewing of "Dead Poets Society,"; to use knowledge gained throughout our poetry unit to interpret poems from the movie 1. View DPS with questions Homework: Finish choice reading book and prepare for the final!!! Journals due tomorrow. World History: Goals: To demonstrate knowledge …

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Thursday January 19

Freshman English: Goals: To practice for POL in front of an audience; to utilize feedback to improve performance; to discuss the English final 1. QW: What are you most worried about when it comes to POL tomorrow? Discuss your fears, anxiety, etc. How can you help yourself feel better? 2. POL Peer Practice 3. Discuss …

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Wednesday January 18

SNOW DAY!!! Freshmen: I know you are all glad to have a day off, but be sure that you find some time to practice your poem!!!!  Poetry Out Loud will still be on Friday so plan accordingly! Sophomores: You all are homework free (at least for History) so enjoy your day off!

Tuesday January 17

Freshman English: Goals: To consider the importance of tone when reciting poetry; to practice poetic performance/memorization 1. QW: Tell me everything you've done in the last two weeks to memorize your poem and prepare for Poetry Out Loud on Friday. 2. Poems in Many Voices Activity. If absent, you don't have anything to make up …

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Thursday January 12

Freshman English: Goals: To complete Visual Metaphors in preparation for tomorrow's presentations 1. Tell about a time that you would consider one of the best times in your life. How did you feel? Explain. 2. Visual-MetaphorWork Day.  Remember you will be presenting your visual metaphor to the class tomorrow! Homework: Finish Visual Metaphor. Practice poem …

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Wednesday January 11

Freshman English: Goals: To expand vocabulary and comprehension of Tone Words; to prep for tomorrow's work day 1. QW: What is your favorite emotion? Which emotion do you think is hardest to feel? Explain. 2. Tone Word Presentations. 3. Go over Visual-Metaphor and begin brainstorming. 4. Wall Talk Homework: Practice poem and read choice book! World …

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Tuesday January 10

Freshman English: Goals: To complete an in depth analysis of chosen poem; to read choice book in preparation for the final 1. QW: How do you feel about speaking in front of the class? Explain why you feel the way you do. 2. Clarify Theme Vs. Subject/Topic 3. figurative language chart.  This is worth 100 …

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Monday January 9

Freshman English: Goals: To discuss and analyze poetic performances; to gain familiarity with well-known poems 1. QW: copy you POL Poem into your journal word for word. 2. Share "I AM Poems" and turn in 3. Read "Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward" and discuss. Watch Performance. 4. Read "Those Winter Sundays." Watch Performance. 5. …

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Friday January 6

Freshman English: Goals: To analyze the theme of chosen poems; to gain experience with writing poetry 1. QW:  How are you currently feeling about your grades in your classes? We are down to 2 weeks before finals…Take a few minutes to reflect on your performance. Are your grades where you’d like them to be? If not, …

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