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Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful, SAFE, fun Winter Break! See you in a couple weeks

Friday December 16th

Freshman English: NOTE: Sorry I was out sick yesterday! Below is the assignment that was given 1. Go over "This I Believe" Narrative. 2. In Library to type final draft. Due by end of period. World History: 1. Current Events 2. Exploration quiz 3. Continue work on Africa Maps Have a wonderful Winter Break!!!!!

Wednesday December 14

Freshman English: Goals: Complete reading of Anthem and discuss ending 1. QW: Describe a time that you were extremely happy. What was the situation, place, etc.? 2. Read Chapters 10/11/12 and answer Chapter questions in your journal 3. Discuss Ending Homework: Choice Reading Book Due Tomorrow!!! World History: Goals: To think critically about the meaning …

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Tuesday December 13

Freshman English: Goals: To practice discussion/communication skills; to learn from classmates through Socratic Seminar 1. QW: What do you hope to gain from seminar today? What would you like to discuss? What are your goals? 2. Mini Socratic Seminar (1 Day Only).  If absent, you need to type up a one page reflection on Anthem …

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Monday December 12

Freshman english: Goals: To read Chapters 7/8/9 of Anthem; to prepare for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar 1. QW: Why do you think the author of Anthem would choose to write a book like this? What message might she be trying to send? Explain. 2. Read ch. 7/8/9 3. Complete prep work for Socratic Seminar World History: …

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Friday December 9

Freshman English: 1. QW: Which scene are you going to use for your Found Poem? Why does this scene stand out to you? 2. Found Poem work time. Due at start of class on Monday. Homework: Finish Found Poem. Get Choice reading book by Dec. 15. World History: Goals: To prepare for Monday's viewing of …

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Thursday December 8

Freshman English: Goals: To continue reading Anthem 1. QW: Describe a belief or value that you'd be willing to fight for. What would you be willing to do to defend this belief/value? 2. Read chapters 4/5/6 of Anthem alone 3. Complete Analysis Paragraph.  For prompt and example, click here. Homework: Finish Paragraph, due tomorrow. World …

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Wednesday December 7

Freshman English: Goals: To establish personal opinions on important topics in Anthem; To utilize the Ts/Cx/CD/Cm paragraph format to analyze chapters 2 and 3 of Anthem 1. QW: How would you feel if you lived in the society in ANthem? What would be the hardest for you? Is there anything you'd like? Explain. 2. Discuss …

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Anthem Online Book Link

If you need to read Anthem online, click here.  This will take you to the online book version.  Each chapter is listed as a "part".   You may also listen to the audiobook online by going to  From here, you can click on individual chapters and listen from your computer. (It also says you …

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Tuesday December 6

Freshman English: Goals: To read and discuss Chapter 1 of Anthem 1. QW: Of all the things you put on your bird yesterday, what would be the hardest to give up? Explain why. 2. 6 week choice book- Needs to be here by Thursday Dec. 15! 3. Read Ch. 1 Aloud. If absent, see the …

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