November 2011 archive

Tuesday November 29

Freshman English: Goals: To continue drafting body paragraphs of AF Essay 1. Turn in Choice Book Brochure 2. Essay Work Time. Check off Introduction and work on body paragraphs. NOTE: Your goal for today is to finish AT LEAST body paragraphs 1 and 2. More is Better! Homework: Finish body paragraphs 1 and 2 World …

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Monday November 28

Freshman English: Goals: To begin AF Essay 1. Discuss Thanksgiving Break 2. Go over AF Essay Packet. Begin drafting introduction and first body paragraph today.  NOTE:  You will have 3 days in class to complete your rough draft.  We will be typing on Thursday and essays will be due by the end of the day …

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Tuesday November 22

Freshman English: Goals: To utilize the Socratic Method of discussion to demonstrate knowledge of AF 1. Socratic Seminar Day #2.  Turn in packet by end of the period. Homework: Choice Book Brochure! This is due November 29th, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your break! World History: Goals: To review key vocabulary from the Middle Ages …

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Monday November 21

Freshman English: Goals: To use the Socratic Method to reach a deeper understanding of AF; To practice public speaking/discussion 1. QW (On Green Packet): Set some goals for yourself in regards to this week's Socratic Seminar. What would you like to improve from last time? what grade do you hope to earn and how will …

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Friday November 18

Freshman English: 1. Describe a time you learned an important lesson. It could be here at school, but doesn't have to be! 2. Vocab Quiz 3. Socratic Seminar Preparation.  If absent, click here to download the packet.  Please complete the writing promps on the first 2 inside pages by Monday. Homework: Finish SS writing prompts. …

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Thursday November 17

World History: Goals: To utilize Renaissance thinking to solve a modern day problem; To compare Renaissance Politics to modern day politics 1. QW: Brainstorm 10 traits that are important in a leader. Which is the most important? Explain why. 2. Machiavelli simulation and Discussion.  If absent, see me to make up!

Wednesday November 16

Freshman English: Goals: To use artistic expression to demonstrate understanding of allegorical connections in AF 1. QW: How easily were you able to understand the connections between AF and the Russian Revolution? Explain why this was easy or hard for you. 2. Go over AF Playing Card Assignment 3. Work Time Homework: Finish playing card! …

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Tuesday November 15

Freshman English: Goals: To articulate understanding of Chapter 9; To read Ch. 10 1. QW: What were your reactions to chapter 9? Was what happened to Boxer fair? Ok? Explain. 2. Discuss Chapter 9 3. Read Chapter 10 aloud 4. Vocab Flashcards…Due tomorrow Homework: Vocab Flashcards. Read Choice Book. World History: Goals: To articulate understanding …

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Monday November 14

Freshman English: Goals: To expand knowledge of vocabulary and usage; To read AF Ch. 9 1. QW: How do you think Animal Farm is going to end? Explain. 2. Vocab #3.  If absent, click on vocab and copy definitions into your journal. 3. Read AF Ch 9 with Guided Reading Questions.  Question due at the …

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Thursday November 10

World History: Goals: To utilize class time to get a start on the Propaganda Portfolio 1. QW: what are your goals for class today? What do you hope to complete? How will you avoid distractions? 2. Work Time. To see an Example Paragraph, Click HERE Homework: Finish the required parts of the Propaganda Portfolio which …

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