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2015-2016 informational meeting power point

Here is a PDF version of the Power Point that was given at the informational parent meeting on September 17th.

Liberty SO 2014- 2015 informational meeting 2

Please obtain the proper paperwork from the athletic secretary, Penny Harlan, at Liberty's front office.

Liberty has great showing at CPJH tournament!

Over the week end the Liberty Science Olympiad team competed at the Canyon Park Middle School Tournament. The two Liberty teams placed 6th and 15th out of the 20 teams present.  Of the 20 teams present the competion was steep, with 4 of last years top 6 finishers at the Washington State Tournament and  Oregon state champion of the past 6 years!

Liberty had a first place finish in Bottle Rockets; Second place finishes in Bottle rockets (Hannah Tangen, and Clint French), Bridges (Michael Hyunh and Clint French, Experimental Design (Zack Shafer, Branigan Kerls, and Shile Wen), and Road Scholar (Zack Shafer and Branigan Kerls); third place finishes in Meteorology(Zack Shafer and Robert Pinedo), and Wheeled Vehicle (Enzo Gonzalez); and Fourth place finishes in Green Generation(Kyle Metscher) and Picture This (Zack Shafer, Branigan Kerls and Grace Janku).

Want to help the Liberty Sci Oly Team??

Help out the team by donating materials click here.  Any donations will be much appreciated.

-Liberty Sci Oly

CHS Invitational

Liberty's Science Olympiad teams competed this past weekend at the CHS Divison B Science Olympiad Invitational.  The Liberty Black team placed 8th and the Liberty Red team placed 13th in the highly competitive 18 team field. 

Silver medals: Zack and Branigan (Road Scholar), Hannah and Mia (Bottle Rockets), Alexis and Grace (Bridges)

Bronze Metals: David and Joey (road Scholar), Zack and Branigan (Solar System), Shile and Luke (Bottle Rockets), Branigan and Colin (Air trajectory)

4th place: Luke and Colin (Fossils), Robert and Eric (Robo-Cross), Sammy, David, and Clint (Picture This)

5th place: Zack, Branigan and Shile (Experimental Design), Tyler and Enzo (Elastic Launched Glider)

All Liberty team members did a great job in their events.  The teams now will gear up to compete in Bothell, WA next month.

Informational Parent Meeting

Come find out what Liberty Science Olympiad is all about on Thursday September 18th in the Liberty commons. Meet the coach, team members, team parents, and learn about this years events and competitions.  

Science Olympiad Summer Institute

Just back from sunny and a VERY HOT, Phoenix, AZ; and ready for year two.  The conference I recently attended has giving me knowledge about events and ways to help every student Olympian in every event. See the 2015 event table on the Sci Oly website to see this seasons events.   Parent/Volunteers that are interested in getting started early on event training please feel free to email me at my school email.  Events may have the same name but may have changed content or some rules. Hopefully, my attendece at the confrence will help get Liberty to the Sate Tournament this year.

2014-2015 Sci Oly

Hello Sci Oly people,

I know that it is early and I am already starting to talk about next years Sci Oly team/calendar and what needs to be done before then. But, alas, it needs to be done.  Before the end of the school year, I would like to see the following happen:

  1. Team members please return any books or materials that you used/borrowed from the team to me so I can get an accurate list of what we have as a team.
  2. A copy of any notes for any event (digitally or paper- yes I can make copies if you bring in the original)
  3. Emails about the following:
  • your plans for next year (to Sci Oly or not to Sci Oly? That is the question). If you know other students that want to be on the team, tell them to email me, too.
  • event specific equipment that you think our team would benefit from having.
  • Ideas for a fundraiser (dont include concessions – we are already signed up for next year's girl's basketball season) to pay for the above equipment and other expenses.

In other news I have been registered for the Science Olympiad Summer Institute in Phoenix, AZ and will travel down there for an intense 5 days of Sci Oly event training. Should be fun and hot!  Any parent that wishes to be an event helper/coach or just wants to learn more about the events that their child is competing in please email me and we can set up a time to discuss individual events. I would like to get the information I learn to as many people, as quickly as I possibly can so I dont forget it all. 

Liberty Science Olympiad Places 3rd at Regionals!


Saturday Liberty's Science Olympiad team competed in their Regional Tournament in Longview, and placed 3rd!  Competition was tough, but their hard work paid off – way to go, team!

1st place winners: Branigan Kerls, Nathaniel Maszak (Solar System); Mark Kovalenko, Josh Randolph (Wheeled Vehicle); Alexis Howard, Hailei Polka (Write It, Do It)

2nd place: Alexis Howard, Hailei Polka (Can't Judge a Powder); Branigan Kerls, Zack Shafer, Shile Wen (Experimental Design); Zack Shafer, Nathaniel Maszak (Meteorology); Geovanni Reyes; Shile Wen (Metric Mastery); Josh Randolph, Nathaniel Maszak (Robo Cross)

3rd place: Alexis Howard, Grace Janku (Boomilever); Alexis Howard, Hailei Polka (Entomology); Branigan Kerls, Zack Shafer (Road Scholar); Mark Kovalenko, Tyler Toedtli (Rocks & Minerals); Alexis Howard, Hailei Polka (Rotor Egg Drop); Branigan Kerls, Josh Randolph (Sounds of Music)

4th place: Nathaniel Maszak, Josh Randolph (Crime Busters); Grace Janku, Charlotte Siroshton (Heredity); Tyler Toedtli (Water Quality)

Canyon Park Tournament


Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team for their great performance at the Canyon Park Jr High Tournament last Saturday! The team finished 5th out of a competitive field of 15 teams.

  • 1st place winners:  Branigan Kerls, Zack Shafer, Shile Wen (Experimental Design); Branigan Kerls, Zack Shafer (Road Scholar); Branigan Kerls, Nathaniel Maszak (Solar System)
  • 2nd place: Branigan Kerls, Zack Shafer (Shock Value)
  • 3rd place: Geovanni Reyes, Shile Wen (Metric Mastery)
  • 4th place: Alexis Howard, Grace Janku (Boomilever); Nathaniel Maszak, Josh Randolph (Robo-Cross); Nathaniel Maszak, Josh Randolph (Sounds of Music thanks Zack Shafer for your effort in building one instrument); Mark Kovalenko, Josh Randolph (Wheeled Vehicle)
  • Honorable mentions to Hailei Polka and Tyler Toedtli for their contributions to getting a great overall team score!

Amazing job, team!  Keep up the good work!  Liberty's Science Olympiad team will next compete at the Williamette Valley Tournament at Seven Oak Middle School in Lebanon, OR on Feburary 15th.

Liberty’s Science Olympiad Team Competes at First Tourney

Congratulations to our Science Olympians for their solid performance at the CHS Invite on Saturday!  

Silver medals: Shile Wen, Zack Shafer, Branigan Kerls (Experimental Design); Tyler Toedtli, Mark Kovalenko (Rocks & Minerals)

Bronze medals: Branigan Kerls, Nathaniel Maszak (Solar System) 

4th place: Alexis Howard, Hailei Polka (Write It, Do It)

5th place: Grace Janku (Disease Detectives); Zack Shafer, Branigan Kerls (Road Scholar, Shock Value); Josh Randolph, Mark Kovalenko (Wheeled Vehicle); Josh Randolph, Nathaniel Maszak (RoboCross).

All team participants placed 5th or higher!  Great job, team!  Our Science Olympians are now gearing up for their next tournament in January at Canyon Park JS in Bothell, WA.  If you enjoy studying science or building science related devices, see Mr. Juarez in room 306 and join the team!