Week of 12/10 (and catching up from our last post): Writing about Hamlet!

Monday, 12/10 (plan): The students will work in groups to examine how the Seven Deadly Sins apply to Hamlet.

Tuesday, 12/11 (plan): The students will apply Aristotle's tragic structure, and his concept of the Tragic Hero, to Hamlet.

Wednesday, 12/12 (plan): Students will begin their Hamlet writing project today!

Thursday, 12/13 (plan): Students will work on outlines (first this one, then this one) for their Hamlet writing project.

Friday, 12/14 (plan): Students will work on outlines, and receive from direct instruction for writing their introductions.


Practice: ACT III performances!



Practice: ACT III performances!




Performance: Act III

-Watch Act III & IV



Performance: Act III

-Watch Act III & IV



Performance: Act III

-Watch Act III & IV



Performance: Act III

-Watch Act III & IV



Finish Watching Act IV




Act IV scene work & review



Act IV scene review/beginning of notes; Quiz



MBTI notes and Act V



Finish Act V, Seven Deadlies warm up



MBTI `in Hamlet



Seven Deadlies in Hamlet



Plot Review (tragedy/tragic hero talk)



Essay Intro – brainstorming and outlining






Intro. drafting



Body Paragraphs – drafting






Conclusion and drafting



Peer Revision



Essay drafting/



Week of November 13th: Wrapping Up Act II; Beginning Acting Project!

Monday, 11/12: NO SCHOOL – VETERAN'S DAY!

Tuesday, 11/13 (plan): the students will finish watching Act II of Hamlet and will then complete a study guide for the act.

Wednesday, 11/14 (plan): Once all students have completed the study guide, the class will review. Then, the class will begin working on the Acting Project!.

Thursday, 11/15 (plan): This is day two of the acting project :-)

Friday, 11/16 (plan): This is the last of three days dedicated to the acting project: student groups present on Monday!


If you intend to resubmit your essay, it is due no later than Friday, November 30th.

Week of November 5th: Wrapping Up Act I of Hamlet; Watching Acts I and II

Monday, 11/5 (plan): The students will finish up reviewing their scene translations. Then, the class wil work on completing comprehension questions related to their reading.

Tuesday, 11/6 (plan): The class will take notes historical/background information for Shakespeare and Hamlet.

Wednesday, 11/7 (plan): The class will begin watching Hamlet.

Thursday, 11/8 (plan): The class will wrap up Hamlet Acts I and II, and then will complete independent work with the text on Act II.

Friday, 11/9 (plan): The class will complete independent work with the text on Act II.

Week of October 29: beginning of Hamlet!

Monday, 10/29: Students will work on their Canterbury Tales essays, as necessary, in order to perfect their work before it's graded.

Tuesday, 10/30 (plan): The class will read Shakespeare's Hamlet: Act I, scene i. We will work on translating it together

Wednesday, 10/31 (plan): Students will work in groups to create a line-by-line translation of their assigned scene. They will then present it to their class.

Thursday, 11/1 (plan): The class will review students translations of scenes from Act I.

Friday, 11/2 (plan): The students will take notes on the historical background of Hamlet.

Week of October 22: End of CT/Beginning of Hamlet

Monday, October 22 (plan): Students were given information about writing introductions and conclusions, and then spent the rest of the time writing.

Tuesday, October 23 (plan): Today is the last day for writing in class. 

Wednesday, October 24 (plan): Students will begin our Hamlet unit by examining the concept of "teen angst" and looking at their place in this world.

Thursday, October 25 (plan): Students will peer revise their essays, and then continue their day by participating in improv activities.

Friday, October 26 (plan): The class will begin reading Act I of Hamlet together in order to establish a mood for beginning of the play.


Essay Timeline (remaining steps)

  • October 23 – Last day of class time for writing
  • October 25 – Peer revision
  • October 26: ESSAY DUE BY 8AM on Friday, October 26th! 

Week of October 15: Canterbury Tales Essay and Writing Workshop

Find the most up-to-date plan for our writing project here!

Monday, 10/15 (plan): Students will be introduced to the Canterbury Tales writing assignment (find the rubric here). We will begin collecting evidence, and if there's time, we'll start outlining.

Tuesday, 10/16 (plan): Students will create an outline for their Canterbury Tales essays.

Wednesday, 10/17 (plan): With information on how to develop body paragraphs, students will begin to draft essays.  ***OUTLINE DUE!

Thursday, 10/18 (plan): Students will continue to draft essays, and will learn some information about introductions and conclusions.

Friday, 10/19 (plan): Students will continue to draft essays, and will self-revise if there's time and opportunity to do so. . ***ONE DEVELOPED PARAGRAPH DUE!



  • Monday, October 15th: Receive prompt; begin outlining.

  • Tuesday, October 16th: Outlining.

  • Wednesday, October 17th:  Body paragraph instruction; work time.  ***OUTLINE DUE!

  • Thursday, October 18th: Intro and conclusion instruction; work time.

  • Friday, October 19th:  Work time . ***ONE DEVELOPED PARAGRAPH DUE!

  • Monday, October 22nd: Work time. ***DRAFTED INTRO/CONCLUSION DUE.

  • Wednesday, October 24th: Peer revision.

  • Thursday, October 25th: ESSAY DUE BY MIDNIGHT

Week of October 8th: Student-led Tale Lessons and Writing Assignment

Monday, October 8 (plan): To each other and in groups, the students will present information about assigned Canterbury tales. Student learners will collect required information for each presentation.

Tuesday, October 9 (plan): The students will finish their 'Teach a Tale' activity and will wrap up the unit by connecting the tales to topics from our unit.

Wednesday, October 10 (plan): The students will participate in a prewriting activity in which they work in groups to discuss the text and collect textual data which will eventually work to support their writing.

Thursday, October 11 (plan): The students will be introduced to the unit's writing assignment and will begin working on it by collecting more data and outlining.


  • Proposal Package (Proposal, Parent Agreement Form, Mentor Agreement Form, Background Form and ID emailed) due TUESDAY, October 9th!

Week of October 1: Satire and, finally, the Tales!

Monday, 10/1 (plan): The class will wrap up our satiric continuum activity by participating in a Kahoot!

Tuesday, 10/2 (plan): Teach a Tale, Day 1. Students will work in a group to prepare a teaching activity based on their assigned tales. This activity will require several days of work in order for students to be prepared, so we will spend at least one other class period on this preparation.

Wednesday, 10/3 (plan): Teach a Tale activity, Day 2.

Thursday, 10/4 (plan): Teach a Tale, Day 3. Students will be finishing up their work and sharing with the class.

Friday, 10/5 (plan): If necessary, we will wrap up Teach a Tale, and then students will be given at least half the class to work on senior project materials.


The following are due on Tuesday, October 9th:

  • Mentor/Student Agreement Form  – Mentor signature required

  • Mentor Application & copy of mentor driver’s license – Mentor emails to Camas School District

  • Parent Awareness Form – Parent signature required

  • Senior Project Proposal – thorough, clear, typed, and edited.

Week of September 24: Pilgrims & Satire in The Canterbury Tales

Monday, September 24th (plan): The class will revise student college essays one more time before submitting. Final drafts will be due on Wednesday, September 26th by midnight (see the Google Classroom assignment). The class will then share with the class their findings about their assigned pilgrims.

Tuesday, September 25th (plan): The class will finish sharing their finding about the Canterbury pilgrims and wrap up the lesson.

Wednesday, September 26th (plan): The class will take notes on satire and then place new pilgrims on a satiric continuum based on the level of satire Chaucer applies in the text. The class will then defend their choices.

Thursday, September 27th (plan): We will wrap up our satiric continuum unit from Wednesday.

Friday, September 28th (plan): The students will get the bulk of the class period to work on Senior Project Proposal materials.



  1. College Essay: typed, in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with proper MLA heading, in Google Classroom by Wednesday, Sept. 26th. 
  2. The following proposal materials are due on Tuesday, 10/9:

    1. ‚ÄčSenior Project Proposal signed by mentor (find on Google Classroom)
    2. Parent Agreement Form signed by parent (Google Classroom)
    3. Volunteer ID and Background Form emailed to district by mentor (form on Google Classroom)
    4. Mentor Agreement Form signed by mentor (Google Classroom)



Week of September 17th – College Essay/Canterbury Tales GP/Proposals

Monday, 9/17 (plan): The students will finish up some college essay work, and will then begin taking notes on pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales. ***FOR WRITING PROMPTS, click here. For a list of colleges that require specific prompts (NOT exhaustive), click here.

Tuesday, 9/18 (plan): The students will spend the lion's portion of the class period reading the Prologue of The Canterbury Tales together in order to understand the character of each pilgrim through Chaucer's eyes.

Wednesday, 9/19 (plan): The students will spend the first portion of the class period peer revising the college essays, and will spend the other half of the period working in partners to decipher Chaucer's description of assigned pilgrims in order to present them to the class.

Thursday, 9/20 (plan): Students will review sample proposals in order to identify the components of the most successful college essays. Once complete, students will continue their partner work on the pilgrims, being careful to read closely for Chaucer's intent regarding the character.

Friday, 9/21 (plan): Students will either review two more sample proposals and rank them along with yesterday's three, or else they will work on completing their own rough drafts of their proposals. After thirty minutes, the class will begin to share their findings about the pilgrims, taking notes on all new characters.


 – By Wednesday, 9/19, a rough draft of a college essay is due. 

 – By Monday, 9/24, the final draft of a college essay is due. 

   The College Essay – Requirements

  • Write 300-500 words (double-spaced)

  • Begin with a HOOK (see slide 27 of the Reflective Essay slideshow from class on Monday).

  • Have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Pay attention to the structure of this essay: it should support for the content that you’re providing.