Week of September 18th

Monday, September 18 (ppt): Today, the class will read and discuss the Prologue and Chapters One and Two of Invisible Man

  • Homework: Read Chapters 3-5 by Thursday, September 19th. Read Chapter 11 of HRLLP (take notes as you see fit). 

Tuesday, September 19 (ppt): Today we will participate in a close reading activity related to the first reading of Invisible Man.

  • Homework: Read Chapters 3-5 by Thursday!

Wednesday, September 20 (ppt): We will spend the class period reading as much of the assigned reading as possible. 

  • Homework: Read Chapters 3-5 by tomorrow.

Thursday, September 21 (ppt): Today we will review the reading that is due. Then we will connect events from our reading to those of our current work.

  • Homework: Read chapters 6-9 by Monday, September 25.

Friday, September 22 (ppt): Senior Project Proposal Workshop time AND reading time.

  • Homework:Read chapters 6-9 by Monday, September 25


Agenda: week of September 11

Monday, September 11 (plan): Today we will work on building context for our Invisible Man unit by working in groups to collect information in assigned areas.

  • Homework: Read Chapter One of HRLLP by Wednesday, 9.13. Work on your college essay rough draft, due 9/14.

Tuesday, September 12: We are presenting the information that student groups compiled, and copying down all relevant information in order to build a borad basis of context.

  • Homework:  Read Chapter One of HRLLP by tomorrow, 9.13. Work on your college essay rough draft, due 9/14.

Wednesday, September 13 (plan): We will be reading this article as a final introduction to the text, and then we will begin reading and taking notes on the text. Find guidance on notetaking in the plan. 

Sep 13, 2017 1:29:25 PM.jpg

  • Homework: Read the prologue, chapters 1 & 2 of Invisible Man by Friday. College essay, rough draft, due tomorrow.

Thursday, September 14 (plan):We will be peer revising our college essays today. Here are the first and second student sample essays that are needed for your warm up, and digital copies of the Peer Revision Form and Rubric.

  • Homework: Read the prologue, chapters 1 & 2 of Invisible Man by tomorrow. The final draft of the essay is due on Monday, 9/18.

Friday, September 15 (plan): We will have a class discussion about the reading due today. Use this document as a basis for discussion (and for the warm up).

  • Homework: College essay, final draft due Monday, 9/18.

    • Write 300-500 words (double-spaced)
      Begin with a HOOK (see slide 27 of the Reflective Essay slideshow on Google Classroom).
      Have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Pay attention to the structure of this essay: it should support for the content that you’re providing.




September 6, 2017

Hello, students! Welcome to our class blogsite. I will use this space to give you an agenda for the coming week, pass on important information, provide homework instructions, and even make a joke or two. There's a unit calendar page, as you can see, a senior project resource page, a question asking portal.

First, please use this website to access our Google Classroom site (the code to join is ypgkf5). While I will pass on information using the blogsite, Google Classroom is where you can retrieve assignments and their materials, and turn in the bulk of our work.  

However, our accompanying text, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, can be found here. 

Here's the short story selection for Wednesday's lesson.

Today's Homework

  • Visit the webpage! I’ll expect you to know how to find it.

  • Submit the quickwrite on Google Classroom (by Friday).

  • By the end of the week, get your parents to complete the Syllabus Acknowledgement Form on Google Classroom.

  • Also by Friday, print out and complete the CWU Cornerstone form so that I can mail them in one big submission. T