Room 106 News: January 30th, 2015

Hi everyone!

Everything continues to move at a very quick pace here in room 106. With our new theme we are learning about crystals, especially snow crystals. We watched a video about snowflake crystals. The kids "oooohed!" and "aaaahhhed!" about all the beautiful snowflakes. We are reading non-fiction books about crystals, and the students each made their own crystal gardens that will be coming home with them on Monday. Also, next week students will get the opportunity to examine different types of crystals under the microscope.

An example of a crystal garden.


We also implemented an new five point behavior scale to give the kids something to do to help redirect their behaviors and calm down when they are escalating. It seems to be helping a number of the kids. I try to emphasis the fact that we all have these feelings of silliness or even anger at certain times but we need to learn how to control them and not let our behaviors control us. Who knows? These strategies might work at home as well!


The past couple of weeks we have really been focused on each area of our Literacy Workshop, especially writing. Many of the children are beginning to elaborate and write two sentences on the same topic. Our writing goals at this time are capitals, finger spaces, periods, and sight words spelled correctly. We started using a publishing scale to help the kids rate their illustrations and make decisions on their own to make improvements. Some of us still need practicing rating ourselves honestly! :)



  • Please make sure to do the writing homework in the planner every night. The kids should really be doing all the writing at this point. You can of course write it on another piece of paper and have them copy it or help them sound out the words. The spelling does not have to be correct.
  • Valentine Party coming up! I already emailed the name lists, but I will also be putting a paper copy in the folders. Your child does not have to bring Valentines, but if they choose to then they need one for every child in the class.
  • Yellow hand writing booklets came home in the communication folders this week. I had planned on using them at the beginning of the year, but found a much more engaging and efficient way to practice. You can use them for extra practice at home but they are not homework.
  • I will be sending out a sign-up for volunteers for the Hundred Party and the Valentine Party next week.
  • Classroom Needs: We could really use more crayons and markers. I had no idea how quickly they get used up in Kindergarten!

Have a nice weekend!

Katie Redmond







Room 106 News: January 12th, 2015

Happy New Year!

It was so nice to see all the kids after such a long break. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday, and had some relaxing time with the family. It seems that inevitably someone is always sick over the break, so it doesn't feel very restful. On that note, there are many students who are coughing and sniffling this week. Please keep them home if they truly are sick. We will be cleaning our desk surfaces daily and washing our hands often!

We started last week with reviewing expected and unexpected behaviors. The children have really been working hard to remember the expectations and helping to remind their classmates so we can all be successful. If you could use the vocabulary "expected" and "unexpected" at home it would help reinforce the vocabulary they will be hearing at school.

We have many important events and reminders listed below. Please take the time to read through them carefully.


  • Family Resource Night tonight from 5:30 to 7:00
  • Tomorrow is a PM Kindergarten day
  • Please remember to do the planner homework every night. They can write a sentence about anything they want. The event from the day that I write in the planner is just a suggestion. At this point the kids should be doing all of the writing instead of dictation. If the space where I usually write or glue something, then it is probably because they never turned in their planner that day. On the very rare occasion I will forget or run out of time to put anything in that space. The students still need to write a sentence even if my space is blank.
  • Please make sure you are sending the kid's book baggies with them every day so they can pick a new book to take home as often as possible.
  • Book Orders are due next Friday January 23rd. You can place your order on-line by following the directions on the flyer, or you can write a check for the correct amount made out to Scholastic. Please do not send cash!

Star Student

Leo the Leopard has started going home with our Star student each week. Please make sure that you send all the items back in the backpack by Thursday of the following week so that the new student can take it home on time. Leo will come home in the special backpack with a new student each Friday and spend the week with your family. There is a journal and two sheets to fill out. Please write at least one thing Leo does with your child while visiting your family. It would be even better if they wrote it themselves. There are also two white posters to be filled out about the student. You can have the kids draw pictures, use photographs, or cut pictures out of magazines to glue on the posters. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.


ACTIVE Reading/thinking strategies

Asking questions

Making Connection

reTell the events of the story

Infer and predict


Evaluate and Summarize

We have really been focusing on phonics skills in the beginning of the school year. We are continuing with phonics but also working hard on our ACTIVE reading strategies. We have talked a lot about real reading and fake reading. Fake reading is saying the words correctly, but never thinking about what we read. Text + Thinking = Real Reading. So far we have been focusing on asking questions as we read a story. Our next thinking strategy is making connections. One graphic organizer I use with the kids to talk about connections is a metacognition chart that you see below. There are 4 boxes with different categories for connections and thinking about the text. If the kids start using this vocabulary, at least you will have an idea of what they are talking about. We have also revamped our Literacy Workshop to maximize our time and ensure that all students are writing and reading every single day.

Meta-cognition: thinking about thinking!                                            

Text to text connections:

Connections with other books you have read

Text to Self Connections:

Connections to your own life or the world


How something you read made you feel.









Lost and Not Found!

If any of these clothing items look familiar please let me know or point out to your child that they belong to them. Most of these clothing items have been sitting in the cubbies for weeks or months. I often hold them up and ask who they belong to and nobody claims them. They must belong to someone! At the end of this week any unclaimed items will be going down to the school-wide lost and found to be claimed. Items in the school-wide Lost and Found are eventually donated at the end of the year.


Room 106 News: December 2nd, 2014

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. The children did an excellent job during Squanto day and have been working on retelling the story of the first Thanksgiving. I apologize for not writing or putting a picture in the planners the last two days. It seems that every second this week was jam packed as we get ready for report cards to go home. On that note, please remember that the report card is standards based and it is perfectly normal and expected to see 2's for some indicators. We hope to see mostly 3's by the end of the year. Our time is very limited and we are introducing many new concepts that the kids haven't had time to perfect yet. If, after reviewing the report card you would like me to explain any of the indicators or comments, I will be happy to speak with you.

As we get closer to the holiday break the children's excitement level is noticeable. The cold weather and wind definitely don't help their behavior in any way. If you could please remind your child of the expectations, I will also continue to redirect and reteach the expectations here at school. The kids continue to have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves, and following directions the first time they are given. I would really appreciate any support you can give on these issues.

Parent Volunteers:

I appreciate all the people who have been able to come and help in our classroom already this year. For our program to run smoothly, and for each student to get what they need while they are here, it is very important to have at least one parent volunteer every single day. Especially to help during our literacy workshop. I completely understand how difficult it can be to commit to the same day every week. I will re-send the December volunteer calendar by email in case you are able to volunteer. I definitely need extra help next Tuesday during our Hour of Code and December 18th and 19th during our Christmas celebrations.

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a program that millions of students across the United States will be participating in. It is a computer program that teaches the children about computer coding in the form of a fun game. This coding is similar to what students do when they participate in our Lego Robotics program. Since we don't usually go to the computer lab, and usually just use the computers in our classroom, it will be very important to have a couple parent volunteers next Tuesday during this activity.

Stuff the Bus:

Thank you all for your support with the canned food drive. We more than doubled our school goal of 1,000 cans and raised almost 150 canned food items in Kindergarten alone.

Birthday Treats

I have had many parents ask if I allow students to bring treats for the class on their birthdays. Due to our district's strict nutrition policy I cannot allow you to send sugary treats. Things like animal crackers or grahm crackers are ok. One student brought frozen gogurt, which were a hit. Some have brought special stickers or other non-food items instead. Please don't feel obligated or encouraged to send anything at all. I have just had many questions about this topic.

Second Annual Family Game Night

The Lacamas Student Leadership Team will be hosting a family game night December 18th from 6:00 to 7:30. We will be collecting change to help the Lymphoma Society's Pennies for Patients campaign, as well as gently used books to help support our family resource night. There will be free hot chocolate and popcorn, board games and puzzles, as well as bingo. This was a fun event last year, and I hope to see you all there!


Room 106 News: November 18th, 2014

Hi everyone,

We have been having a great time expanding our background knowledge (schema) about the first Thanksgiving. The children shared what they already knew, which was basically that Thanksgiving is a fun celebration when you eat really good food. Especially turkey and pumpkin pie. They should now be able to explain to you who the pilgrims were, where they came from, why they left, how they got to Plymouth, and what it was like to live in a settler village. We have now shifted our focus to the role of the Native Americans in the success of the new pilgrim settlements. We will concluded our unit study of Thanksgiving with Squanto Day next Tuesday. I could still use a couple more parent helpers in the morning and afternoon on this day. Please let me know if you are available.

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who were able to join us for the Family Reading Night. It is always nice to see the students at school functions and feel the support of our Lacamas families. It was also great to see so many happy faces at the Grands Breakfast this morning. If you were unable to make it to these events there will be more opportunities in the coming months.


  • Please continue helping your child write a sentence in their planner each night
  • Practice letter names and sounds
  • Help them read the books in their book baggies. Some students are forgetting to bring their bags back so they can choose a new book. This is especially important because we did not get to check books out of the library this week because the Book Fair was taking place in the library.
  • Gorgeous Gobblers were due last Friday so please send them in if you haven't already.

Lunch Money

Please make sure that your child has lunch money in their account. School lunches are $2.50. There have been many students who have had to charge to their account lately. It is a good idea to have at least $5.00 in back-up funds in the account even if they usually bring a cold lunch from home. Please put the money in their Communication folder inside an envelope or sandwich bag to make sure I get it.

Stuff the Bus

It is that time of year again to start collecting canned food and other non-parishable food items to help local families in need. We will officially be collecting food the week after Thanksgiving break, December 1st through the 5th. However, you can start sending items as soon as possible. Our school goal is to raise at least 1,000 items. The class who collects the most cans will earn a popcorn party.


Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns about upcoming events or activities please feel free to email me.

Katie Redmond




Room 106 News: November 10th, 2014

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful weaher out there. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who were able to make it to the Pumpkin Party. The kids really enjoyed it and I defiinitely couldn't have done it without your help. Also, if you happened to get any pictures of the kids at the Pumpkin Party can you please email them to me? We have a bunch of exciting events coming up so please read carefull.

Wednesday is a PM kindergarten day!

Veteran's Day: There will be no school tomorrow in honor of Veteran's Day. We will be having our Veteran's Day assembly Wednesday morning at 9:15. All past and current members of the armed forces are invited and encouraged to attend. We will have a small reception in the library for the Veterans with cake and coffee after the assembly to say thank you for their service. Our theme today was focused on Veteran's Day, so hopefully the kids will be able to explain their new learning.

Family Literacy Night: This Thursday night starting at 5:30 we will be celebrating our All School Read, The Tale of Despereaux. Mrs. Schram, the LEAP teacher will be teaching all the kindergarten parents the motions that go with the Zoo Phonics program starting right at 5:30 in room 101. It would be great if you could make it to this since we will be using Zoo phonics in our classroom as well. Whe yopu learn the motions you are able to help the children more at home. When she has finished we will have some fun craft activities for the kids to work on in my room for the second half of the night. Please refer to the hand-out that was sent home in your child's communication folder for even more information.

Friday Spirit Day: This Friday we will also be having a spirit day to celebrate the book. Our theme is royalty since one of the main characters is a princess. I can't wait to see all the little princes, and princesses!

 I Can Read, and Book Bags: Last Friday was the first time the I Can Read Folders and Book Bags were sent home. These are meant to be extra reading practice for the kids, as well as a home connection to the activities and themes we are working on in class. The I Can Read fodlers will come home every Friday and should be turned in every Monday. If you forgot to send them in today please send them in ASAP so I can add the new material from this week. The Book Bags are not due on a specific day. The students will be able to pick a new book every day if they bring their book bag back to school every day.

Planners: The students need to be writing in their planner every night. This activity really promotes their literacy skills with letter and sound recognition, letter formation, as well as spacing and tracking. At this point the students should be doing as much of the writing as possible, Some strategies for students who are struggling is to write the sentence in highlighter and have them trace it, or write it on a seperate piece of paper and have them copy it.

Cold and Flu Season: Many students have been out these past few weeks for a cold. We are doing what we can here at school to prevent germs from spreading. Please remind your child to cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow and not into their hands. We are also having a problem with nose picking. The kids are able to get up at any time to grab a tissue. We will be wiping down desks and washing hands frequently. I do hate it when they have to be absent, but please keep them home if they truly aren't feeling well. When they are absent please contact the school office to get it excused.

Volunteer Schedule: I will be sending a volnteer calendar out tomorrow through email for people to sign up for days. Most people indicated on the volunteer request form that random days are better for their schedule than commiting to a day every week. Either option is fine with me. I am just happy to have you all here!


Students using the new number racks to add within 10.


Room 106 News: October 23rd, 2014

Hi everyone,

It was so fun to see everyone in their costumes at the Harvest Carnival. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. We have been adding many new activities into our daily schedule and the children are doing an awesome job meeting the challenge. We have continued to add even more skills to our Literacy Menu. We have also started our new theme which is Pumpkins. We will be celebrating our pumpkin learning next Thursday and Friday with our Pumpkin Party!

Students enjoying tumble Books during the Literacy Workshop.


Students practicing letter recognition at the sensory bin during Literacy Workshop



We finally have our daily planners added into our literacy mix. Hopefully you have had a chance to read the directions and started the nightly homework. In general this will be the only nightly homework I will assign. The purpose of the planner is to connect the daily activities with your conversations at home. Also, it builds the children's literacy skills. At this point it is ok if you write the sentence for your child. However, it is more beneficial for the students if they do as much of the writing as they are able. One modification I use in class is a high lighter. I will write the words and the student will trace over them. Or I have noticed some parents writing the sentence in small print and the student copying it below. I have provided a sample of what it should look like. The picture will be on the right page and the student needs to write their sentence on the left page. They are certainly welcome to write a sentence about something that happened at school that does not match the picture.



Communication Folders

I have had a few questions about the new Communication Folders and the folders that you all provided. The paper folders just weren't holding up and they were jam packed with student work. I purchased a more durable plastic folder for each student that will hopefully last the entire year.  If there are papers on the left side with the red hand, please take them out and leave them at home. When there are a ton of papers stuffed in the folder it makes it really difficult to find important items like lunch money or parent notes. If there are papers on the side with the green hand they are meant to be read and usually signed and returned to school. The other folders that you provided will be used for activities in class.

Pumpkin Party

Next Thursday and Friday we will be having our pumpkin party. The students will be participating in a variety of pumpkin related activities. One of the activities will be pumpkin decorating. Please have the kids bring a small pumpkin with them to school next week. The pumpkin should be no larger than the palms of their hands put together. They can be smaller. We will also be decorating pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. I will be sending information about supplies in the Communication Folders tomorrow.

Conference Week

This is the first time we are having an Elementary conference week. The schedule is a bit complicated for Kindergarten,especially if your child is also in LEAP. Since I find it confusing I am guessing that a few of you will also. So I decided it would just be easier if I made an individual calendar for each child that shows the days they need to be at school next week. Every day next week begins at 9:00 and dismisses at 1:10. If there is a green "X" on the calendar it means your child does come to school that day. PLEASE LOOK IN THE COMMUNICATION FOLDER TOMORROW AFTERNOON TO FIND YOUR CHILD'S CALENDAR. If you have not yet scheduled a conference with me I will be calling again tomorrow during the day, or sometime this weekend to make sure we get you on the calendar. Please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel your appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or ext. 78494.


Katie Redmond


Room 106 News: October 14th, 2014

Hi everyone,

We are continuing to work extremely hard here in room 106. Our theme last week and this week revolves around Fall. We have been talking about different types of trees. Specifically evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Try asking your Kindergartener to explain the difference to you. In math we are continuing to work on counting and adding within 10. We have been adding new options to our Literacy Menu. The kids really enjoyed working on Tumble Books and listening to reading. The goal of the Literacy Workshop is to promote different modes of literacy and to foster a love of reading and writing from a very early age. There are a ton of upcoming events and reminders listed below, so please read through very carefully.

Volunteer Schedule: Many people signed up to volunteer when they attended curriculum night. I also know there are many others who would like to volunteer, who were unable to attend. I have decided to schedule volunteers and create a calendar every two weeks. Below is the current calendar that will start next week. If there is a time slot when you are available and would like to come in at that time please email me and I will put you down for that day. The names that are already written are those who have already volunteered. If your name is written down and that time will no longer work, please let me know.







9:00 Wynter Lewis


12:35 Open


9:00 Cistin Boles


12:35 April Andrews


(AM Kindergarten Day)

9:00 Open


9:00 Shawna Philpot


12:35 Open



9:00 Amy Grabenkort


12:35 Open



PM Kinder. Day

9:00  Open


AM Kinder. Day

9:00 Cristin Boles


PM Kindergarten Day

9:00 Open


AM Kinder. Day

9:00 Shawna Philpot


PM kinder. Day

9:00 Open


 Conference Schedule: If you have not signed up for a conference date please look at the remaining times that are available. If one works for you please email me and I will put you down. If none of the available times work please also email me and let me know. If I do not hear from you by Thursday I will be calling you personally to set an appointment.

Monday October 27th, 2014            Tueday October 28th, 2014                         

1:30 Michael Piller                              1:30 Jonah Mellor                                               

2:00 Lucas Astanin                              2:00 Evie Grabenkort                                          

2:30 Thor Brody                                   2:30 Open                                                            

3:00 Layla Bingaman                            3:00 Open                                                            

3:30 Kaden Philpot (Mom)                     3:30 Peyton Scott       


Wednesday October 29th, 2014    

1:30 Gracy Higgs (Mom)                               

2:00 Jayden Rybak

2:30 Open

3:00 Caidan Schawl

3:30 Tiffany DeRosa


Thursday October 30th, 2014                   Friday October 31st, 2014

1:30 Cole Gilbert                                          1:30 Open

2:00 Aidan Andrews                                      2:00 Open

2:30 Anthony Andrews                                  2:30 Elliot

3:00 Vincent Enos                                         3:00 Ronin

3:30 Ally Boring

4:00  Open

4:30 Maya Fisher

5:00 Natalie Borst

5:30 William Ingram

6:00 Gracy Higgs (Dad)

6:30 Ella Powell

7:00 Wyatt Wheeler

Other Reminders

  • We are continuing to collect box tops for the month of October. Please keep collecting them and sending them in.
  • Please send in a 2" three ring binder with a clear pocket cover by Thursday.
  • The Halloween Carnival is this Saturday starting at 5:30. Costumes are encouraged.
  • Due to the high price of $14, and taking into consideration that many of you make a family trip to the pumpkin patch already, I have decided that we will not be going to the pumpkin patch this year. Instead, we will have a pumpkin festival in our classroom on October 30th and 31st instead. We will be picking pumpkins from our own "patch", decorating them, counting seeds for math and science, and sharing some pumpkin snacks. I hope everyone understands and you are not too disappointed. We will have other field trip opportunities later in the year.

Conference Week Schedule for Regular Kindergarten

PM Kindergarten: Monday October 27th, Wednesday October 29th, Friday October 31st.

AM Kindergarten: Tuesday, Thursday

This is where it gets confusing if your child is also in LEAP.

If your child is in my PM group they will go to LEAP on Tuesday and Thursday. This means that PM kindergarteners go to school every day that week.

If your child is in my AM group they will go to LEAP on Monday and Friday. This means the only day AM kindergarteners do not come to school that week is Wednesday.


Room 106 News: October 6th, 2014

Hi Everyone,

The days keep flying by in room 106. First I want to thank everyone for attending the Kindergarten Curriculum Night last Wednesday. It was great to connect with families and get some questions cleared up. Last week our focus was on families and how we fit into our family. We created a collage of different family members, we read poems about families, and shared pictures of our families, and we wrote about ourselves as family members. This week we are connecting the idea of families and homes as a nice place for families to exist as a unit. We are also going to discuss where we live on a small scale and then expand our thoughts about home to a global scale, from neighborhood to Universe. We are also starting to talk about trees, why the leaves change in the fall, and the weather. In math our learning target for this unit has been to count and add up to ten. The students have also been successfully participating in our Literacy Workshop. They have been writing sentences, publishing their work, and reading short stories and poems with my assistance. This week we are focusing on the letters "d" and "t". Our Literature Study for this Wednesday is called "Dingle, Dangle" which is a story set to music about a scare crow.


  • If possible please send a 2 inch three ring binder with a clear cover for our I Can Read Folders. I understand that you have already purchased many school supplies, so if you are unable to send one in I will cover the rest.
  • Here is a list of sight words we will be focusing on this year. Please review with your child on a regular basis. There is always the possibility that I will add a few more as the months go by, but I will let you know. Sight Words
  • Our school Harvest Carnival is October 18th from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. the students are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes. I will be there running the cake walk so please stop in and say hello. The kids always have a great time!
  • We are collecting Box Tops for the entire month of October so please save them and send them in. You do not need to write anything on them.
  • An email will be coming home soon regarding the conference schedule. Many people signed up at curriculum night. If there is not a date or time available that works for you I will definitely work around it.
  • The Human Carwash is this Thursday afternoon at 2:30. If your child raised at least $75 dollars for the sport-a-thon they need to bring their own bucket to drench the teachers!
  • Please remember to look in your child's Communication Folder each night. I won't send things every day, but you never know what day it will be. Sometimes it is everyday. Please take the student work and fliers out each night. Only things that need to be returned to school need to be in the folder.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am much better at responding quickly to email, but my phine extension is 78494.


Katie Redmond


Students playing the math game, Which Numeral Will Win? Practicing recognizing, naming, and writing numerals.



Students working in their writing journals during Literacy Workshop.


Students working on publishing during Literacy Workshop.


Students working on Read to Self from the Literacy Workshop Menu.


Room 106 News: September 30th, 2014

Hi Kinder Families,

I cannot believe a month has already passed and tomorrow will be October first! I am sorry I don't have pictures of the kids on the website for this week. I just find that we get so into our learning that I forget to take any. The children have been working hard and building their reading stamina. We are still working to get our Literacy workshop running smoothly. This week we will be focusing on the letter "m" in our literature study group. We will be going over more of this information tomorrow at Kindergarten Curriculum Night. We will be starting at 5:00pm and I plan to be finished by 6:00pm. If you are going to be late please still come! If you have to miss it, I will be sending the information home with your students by Friday.

Other Reminders:

  • Please make sure your child has lunch money in their account. Many kids are trying to buy milk only and have no funds. Lunch is $2.50.
  • PM Kindergarten comes tomorrow for Wacky Wednesday!
  • Please be collecting Box Tops. There is a competition to see which class collects the most. Thank you to those who have already sent some in.
  • The SPort-A-Thon has been extended for this week. Please keep sending in pledges if you have them. The Human car wash will be next Thursday at 2:00. If your child raises at least $75 they get to dump ice cold buckets of water on the teachers, myself included!
  • If your child has their 20/20 reading log for the month of September please send them in. They are a blue form with the calendar on one side and 20 paws on the other side. They were sent home in their communication folders. A new one for the month of October will be sent home tomorrow.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


Katie Redmond