Room 106 News: October 29th, 2015

Hi everyone,

We have been having a wonderful time learning in room 106. We had a great time at our alphabet party. Now that we have focused on the entire alphabet we have shifted to talking about long and short vowel sounds. In math we have been learning about shapes and patterns. Our themes this month have been pumpkins and spiders. We will celebrate with our pumpkin party tomorrow afternoon. Please remember that your student can bring a small treat to share with the class. Please stay away from cupcakes. Please note that we cannot wear our Halloween costumes. I have really enjoyed meeting with all of you at conferences. If you have any questions or concerns know that you have had time to consider everything please let me know.

Next week our theme is colors. We would love to have fun and dress up in a different color each day. If you would like your child to participte please see the schedule below. We are learning about the science of color, and what happens when we mix different colors.

Monday: Students should wear yellow and/or red

Tuesday: Students should wear yellow and/or blue

Wednesday: Students should wear red and/or blue

Thursday: Students should wear black and/or white

Friday: Students should wear pink and/or purple

 IMG_0679[1] IMG_0681[1] IMG_0682[1] IMG_0683[1] IMG_0684[1] IMG_0685[1] IMG_0693[1] IMG_0686[1] IMG_0687[1] IMG_0688[1] IMG_0689[1] IMG_0690[1] IMG_0691[1] IMG_0692[1] IMG_0694[1] IMG_0695[1]  IMG_0697[1] IMG_0698[1] IMG_0699[1] IMG_0702[1] IMG_0703[1]

Room 106 News: October 5th, 2015

Dear Parents,

We have many important dates coming up to get on you calendar. Please carefully read all of the information below, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


  • Human Carwash this Thursday October 8th. We had three students from our class raise enough money to participate in the carwash. Way to go Kendall, Keith, and Kenzie!Basically that means I will be getting drenched that afternoon!
  • No school this Friday for the State Wide Inservice Day
  • Please remember to check your child's Communication Folder and Planner daily. Please take out all finished work!
  • The student planner came home today with directions for the homework. The students will need to write a sentence each day on the lefthand side that corresponds with what I write on the righthand side. The planner needs to be completed each night and then returned in the morning. There are examples on the back of the yellow sheet that was attached to the planner this afternoon. A good strategy  for working with emergent writers are allowing the child to dictate the sentence while you write it. Then the child can copy it from your writing into their planner. You can also use a highlighter to write the sentence in the planner and have your child trace what you have written. By January the students should be able to do the writing completely on their own. If you still have any questions please let me know. This is great writing and phonics practice!
  • Please send your child with a small snack each day. Some parents have donated emergency snacks for students who forget, but they don't last very long if everyone needs one.

Image result for pumpkin clipart

  • Pumpkin Patch: Permission slips for our field trip to the pumpkin patch are in your child's communication folder. Please return them by the end of this week. The fee is $8.25 per child. This fee covers the cost of transportation, entry into the pumpkin patch, and a pumpkin for each child. There is space to indicate your interest in being a chaperone for this trip. Remember that you must be cleared to volunteer through the school office before you can chaperone. Chaperones do not have to pay the fee unless you want a pumpkin. If we have an overwhelming number of parents who would like to chaperone we will have to narrow it down using a lottery system. Please send the signed permission slip and fee in an envelope or Ziploc bag in the Communication Folder.
  • Conference week will be the last week of October. Much more detailed information will be coming home soon about signing up for a conference time. I just want to make sure this is on your radar.
  • Harvest Carnival October 24th!

Thank you for your support!

Katie Redmond


We had fun at the Sport-a-thon even though we got completely soaked. I managed to get a few good photos before we were a dripping mess! Thank you so much to Mrs. Moran for organizing the event, the parents who volunteered at the stations, and everyone who donated to the fundraiser. Here we are at the catapult station and tug-a-war testing our muscular endurance.

IMG_0650[1] IMG_0649[1] IMG_0641[1]IMG_0648[1] IMG_0647[1] IMG_0645[1] IMG_0644[1]  IMG_0639[1] IMG_0640[1]

Room 106 Behavior System

Hi again!

I would like to take this chance to explain our classroom behavior system we like to call Camp Kindergarten. Both classrooms use the same system so we can be consistent for families with students in both classrooms. Our behavior system allows for students to be recognized for outstanding behaviors, and make improvements after reteaching and reminders. Each day all students start out at the Leopard Lodge. If they stay at the Leopard Lodge all day it means they had expected bahaviors all day long.


If a student has outstanding behavior and follows all the expectations going above and beyond in all activities throughout the day, they can move up on the behavior scale. First to Base Camp and finally to the Summit. If a child makes it to the Summit it means they had an outstanding day that deserves to be recognized. It is a big deal to make it to the Summit! I will send home a Summit card with any student who ends the day on top explaining how awesome they were that day.


Of course we would all love it if every student made it to the Summit every day. Unfortunately there are times that students' behavior is unexpected and they don't respond to redirection. In these cases they will be moved down to First Aid. I tell them to think of it as a reminder. However, sometimes a reminder doesn't work and a student continues to display unexpected bahavior. In this case they would move down to Reflection Lake. Reflection Lake is a place to think about their unexpected bahvior and reflect on what improvements they need to make in order to move back toward the Summit.


Students can move up and down all day long. A student can move from Reflection Lake all the way to the Summit if their behavior allows it. However, if a student ends the day at Reflection Lake a different card will be sent home explaining the difficulty they had that day in class. Hopefully a discussion would happen at home to help the child consider how they can adjust their actions to be more successful the next day and hopefully make it to the Summit.

If you have any questions or concerns about this system please let me know.


Katie Redmond

Room 106 News: September 21, 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our classroom webpage. I can't believe this is already the fourth week of school. We have been focusing on building our classroom community, making new friends, and diving into our Zoo Phonics program. You have hopefully noticed the letter animals coming home each night in the Communication Folders. The Zoo Phonics characters (animals) and the signals that correspond with each letter really help the kids remember the letter names and sounds so they can start applying them in authentic literacy activities. We have also been working on fives and tens in math. The children are doing a great job learning new routines and procedures to help our lessons run smoothly and efficiently.

I have had many parents contact me about volunteering in the classroom. I love to have parents be involved in the classroom! I usually do not have anyone come in until October so we have plenty of time to establish routines. If you are interested plase make sure you are cleared through the office. You will need to fill out some paperwork and we will need a copy of your driver's license before you can be cleared to work with the kids. Please stay tuned for more volunteer information coming home in about a week.

I have also had a few parents contact me just to make sure their student is doing ok. Please know that the children are doing great. If I have any concerns or issues with their progress or behavior I will contact you immediately. So, think of no news as good news!


  • Picture Day is tomorrow!
  • Please send the Communication Folder to school every single day. Please make sure to look in the folder each night to see your child's work from the day and for important paperwork and reminders. If there are papers in the Communication Folder that are incomplete, it means that the student did not complete their classwork during the day and should complete it at home for practice. These papers do not need to be returned to school.
  • Planners: We will start using our student planners next Monday. I will collect the planners tomorrow, so please make sure they are in your child's backpack. We use the planner as a homework connection all year long. If you haven't purchased a planner please do so through the school office. Planners cost $5.00.
  • Family Learning Night and Curriculum Night is October 1st. More detailed information will be sent home soon.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me by phone at ext. 78494 or by email at You will get the fastest response through email.


Katie Redmond

Here are a few photos of the kids exploring the math workplace buckets and the learning centers. It may look like play, but they are also learning important problem solving and social skills.


Room 106 News: May 3, 1015

Hi everyone!

We have been busy learning about life cycles and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby chicks. I think I am even more anxious than the children! Right now we are caring for the chick eggs, waiting for our Painted Lady butterflies to emerge from their chrysalis, and caring for goldfish, guppies, and snails. We have also been documenting our new learning in our writing journals. The students have rated their own work and picked an individual learning target to work on to improve their writing. In math we are going to be reviewing two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. The kids are continuing to build their literacy skills every day and are reading more and more! I hope you have gotten the chance to listen to your child read for their Good Fit Book envelope. Please remember to send these back every day so they can get a new book that is just right for them. I cannot believe there are only five weeks left!

Dairy Days Field Trip

Many students have already returned their permission slip for our field trip on May 12th. Please note that there is also a fee of $5.00 per student. Some people returned their slip without the money. Also, if you are unable to pay the fee I completely understand. Please let me know and I will make sure it gets taken care of. Please take the time to review the information below. All students, whether they are AM or PM will need to arrive at school on May 12th by 9:00.

Dear parents,

I am excited to announce our filed trip for the year! We will be going to the Clark County Fairgrounds to participate in Dairy Days on Tuesday May 12th. This connects with our social studies and science units. We have been learning about animal life cycles and life on the farm.  I will need 12 chaperones to attend with us. Please read the trip facts below as the schedule that day will be very different from the normal routine.

  • All AM and PM kindergarteners will need to arrive at school by 9:00 am and go to our classroom #106.
  • Every child will need to bring a sack lunch. The school cafeteria can make sack lunches for students who need them. So please let me know if that is the case.
  • All students and chaperones will board the bus by 9:15 and arrive at the Clark County Fairgrounds by 9:45.
  • Our tour will last a little over an hour.
  • We will eat lunch at the fairgrounds and then board the bus to return to school around 11:45.
  • We will arrive back at school no later than 12:30
  • All students, AM and PM will stay at school for the remainder of the day (3:30pm) unless they go home with a parent chaperone, or a parent comes to pick them up at 12:30.
  • All students will go home on their afternoon bus as usual, or be picked up by a parent at the end of the day.
  • There will be no AM Leap on this day.
  • There is a fee of $5.00 per student
  •  Chaperones do not need to pay the fee. To be a chaperone you must have a current background check through the main office. If I have more than 12 people volunteer I will pull names from a hat.

Room 106 News: March 30th, 2015

Hi Kindergarten Families,

I am so sorry I have not updated the website in quite some time. Things have been flying by both here at school and at home. It seems like Charlotte just can't shake this cold she has had for weeks. I know a lot of students have been out lately for different illnesses too. I am sanatizing the desks and supplies as often as possible and trying to make sure the kids wash their hands often. if you could please remind them to cough or sneeze into their elbow instead of their hands it would help reinforce the expectations here at school.

We have started working on our life cycle unit, which started with flowers and vegetables, then we moved on to worms and how they help the Earth. We are currently studying the life cycle of the butterfly. In math we are reviewing skills that we have learned before we head off to Spring Break. We continue to try and push ourselves to elaborate in writing. The expectation is that the kids will write at least three sentences on the same topic with finger spaces, capitals, and periods. This is above the kindergarten expectation but they are rising to the challenge! We continue to read emergent reader texts and send them home as often as possible. Over the break I will be working on a system for students to self select these books to take home every day. When this happens you will no longer see the ziplock book baggies, they will just be bringing home the big brown envelope with the pink letter on the outside. Please return all books that come home in the book envelopes.



We have also started a new behavior system in our classroom and the students are responding very well. It is very motivating because they now have the ability to move up and down along the behavior chart. The student start out at the Leopard Lodge each day and then they have the opportunity to move up to Base Camp and then the Summit. If they make it to the Summit they will bring home a Spotted Being Good Card. The students can also be moved down if there behavior needs some adjusting. They will first move down to First Aid and then to Refelction Lake if necessary. If the student makes it to Reflection Lake then they will receive a traditional red card. I chose to change the system because I wanted to give the kids more of a chance to correct their behaviors and also honor the students who do an outstanding job that day.



  • Garden Homework: Students do not need to bring back their vegetable gardens, just the homework sheet that came along with it. They can return the sheet when all of their seeds have sprouted. Please send them back on Monday after Spring Break even if all the seeds have not sprouted.
  • Report Cards: report cards came home last Thursday. If you have a second household them the copy was sent home in the mail. If you have any questions or concerns about the information in the report please contact me as soon as possible.
  • Please make sure your student is writing a sentence in their planner every single night. They can write about anything they choose, it doesn't have to be something that happened in school that day.
  • Spring Break is next week!
  • Classroom Needs: if you are willing to send in some snacks to share with the class for students who don't bring a snack from home, I would really appreciate it. The kids enjoy pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks, etc.
  • Plant Sale: First grade is selling plants to raise money for the Zoo Snooze field trip. If you are interested in purchasing some flowers or vegetables please let me know and I will get you an order sheet.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything happening here at school please let me know.


Katie Redmond

Room 106 News: february 9th, 2015

Hi everyone,

I can't believe that the 100th day of school is upon us! We are already half way through the school year. I keep reminding them that they are closer to first graders now instead of kindergarteners, so we need to start acting like it. We have mnay very exciting events coming up so I will get right to it!

Hundreds Party and Valentine Party

Please make sure you take a look in your child's communication folder or backpack. There was important information that came home about the parties this week. There is a sheet that requests a food item that will be used. If you can please send in the items by Wednesday I would really appreciate it. That way I can pick up anything that we still need in time for Thursday. If you are unable to contribute the requested item please send in the pink sheet declining so I can pick up that item.

Hundreds Party

I still need volunteers for both sessions. If you had previously volunteered and I did not write your name below, please excuse my mistake and give me another reminder. I will need volunteers for the whole session if possible. Morning class is from 9:00 to 12:00 and the Afternoon class is from 12:35 to 3:30.

AM Volunteers                                        PM Volunteers

1. Wynter                                                1.

2. Tara                                                    2.

3.                                                            3.

4.                                                            4.

Valentine Party

On Friday the students were sent home with a sheet of names. These names are meant to be cut out and glued on the outside envelope of each Valentine. This is to help the kids identify who's box is who's by matching up the labels during the Mailman station. This really helps with students who are stuggling readers. The kid's can bring in their decorated boxes and Valentine cards any day this week and I will store them until Friday. Also, if you are not able to complete the Valentine Box homework please let me know so I can make sure that all the kids have a box for the party. I am also able to provide Valentine cards for families who are unable to pay for them. I know this is an added expense that is difficult for some families. Please let me know so I can send them home ASAP for you to fill out. I still need volunteers for both sessions of Friday as well.

AM Volunteers                               PM Volunteers

1. Amy                                            1.

2. Jessica                                       2.

3. Melyssa                                      3.

4.                                                    4.


  • We are collecting box tops through the month of February.
  • We are also helping a Senior at CHS collect travel size toiletries to help with the WInter Hospitality Overflow program that helps homeless adults during the winter time. You can send in these items in until the end of this week.
  • Many students are still not completing their planner homework. At this point in the year I should not see any adult handwriting, unless it is for the kids to copy. They should really be sounding out the words and writing it on their own. You can help with the sounds, but please don't write for them anymore. Many kids continually forget to bring their planner and folder to school at all. This practice is very important to develop their literacy skills.
  • Please send in your child's I Can Read folder ASAP. We will be putting new items in and sending them next Friday. I hope you have enjoyed seeing your child's own written work in the folder. We do not always have time to publish so you may not see an illustration on every page. This could be a good activity to complete together when I send home their folder. My priority is to have the kids activly writing in their journals every single day.
  • Snacks: Many students do not bring a snack but want one. Please send a snack with your child every day. We have had some parents donate snacks for the class for students who don't bring them, but we can't always count on that. We will have a few minutes for snack everyday. If it is difficult to remember, you can put a whole weeks worth of snacks in their bag at the beginning of the week so you only have to worry about it in Sunday nights.
  • February book orders are due by Friday the 13th.
  • Friday is our make-up day for inclement weather previously in the year.
  • No school Monday for Presidents Day