Exploring the Scientific Process

We explored the most recognizable symbol of Halloween in the name of science. We brainstormed using our schema (background knowledge) about pumpkins and came up with a question to lead our investigation. Instead of candy on Halloween we were in search of seeds.

The Scientific Process

Question: Does the size of a pumpkin affect the number of seeds it has inside?

Hypothesis: If the size of the pumpkin increases then the number of seeds inside will ____________. Students either chose Increase or decrease.

Experiment: We divided into 4 groups. We measured the weight and circumference of each pumpkin and ordered them from largest to smallest. Then each group carefully gutted their pumpkin and seperated the seeds from the goo. We counted each seed and recorded the number in the data table

Analysis/Conclusion: Based on the results of the experiment we concluded that the size of the pumpkin does not seem to have any affect on the number of seeds. One of the largest pumpkins had the smallest number of seeds and the other had one of the highest numbers. One of the two smallest pumpkins had the largest number of seeds out of all four and the other small pumpkin only had a few.

Questions for further exploration:

  • Does the size of the pumpkin affect the thickness of the walls?
  • Does the variety of pumpkin affect the number of seeds?

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