Room 106 News: May 2, 2016

Hi everyone,

Spring has definitely sprung around here! We are loving the nice weather, but the excitement of summer is certainly building. Sciece is dominating our weekly themes. We started with seends and flowers and then planted our own vegetable gardens. Hopefully you have had some success with your sprouts. Some of the kids have already brought back their homework sheet for this project. The past two weeks we have been learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. We spent time last week comparing butterflies and moths. Our own class caterpillars arrived at the end of last week so the kids will be able to witness the life cycle on their own. We have had a dozen chicken eggs incubating in our room for the last couple of weeks. The anticipation of hatching this week is getting really exciting. The chicks will be able to stay in our room until they get to big for the brooder box. We are studying the life cycle of the chicken and the development inside the egg this week. Next week we will focus on pond life with our tad poles, sea snails,and fish. The following week will be all about the farm. Whew! 



In math we have been really working with our interactive notebooks to solve word problems. The kids were involved in an activity that helped them decide which addition and subtraction strategy works best for them. These include counting on, drawing a picture, using a numberline, or using manipulatives to solve the problem. This helped them have a tool to use when working in the notebook. We are introducing them to the CUBES method for solving problems. This is still a new process, and not one that they have to have mastered by the end of kindergarten.

C-Circle the Number with the label

U-Underline the question

B-Box the action word (the one that gives you a hint to subtract or add)

E-Evaluate, what steps should I take



  • Vegetable homework can be turned in any time you are finished collecting data
  • Character Assembly this Wednesday at 9:15
  • Disney Day is also Wednesday. Students can dress as their favorite character or just wear a shirt with the character on it. 
  • Volunteer Luncheon May 25th at Noon. Invitations will be sent home in your child's communication folder soon.
  • Planner homework is still important as we finish the school year. Every single student is able to stretch out the sounds and write at least one sentence in class so they should also be able to do it at home. 
  • In a few weeks we will be studying rocks and are asking every student to bring in a rock collection. Please do not go out and buy any rocks. They will be able to collect them in an egg carton that will be sent home next week.
  • We still need glue sticks and wipes if anyone is able to send them in. We are also out of our snack supply.
  • The Lacamas Showcase is June 2nd from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Please mark it on your calendars. This is a special night when the kids get to show you everything we have been working on.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. As always, thanks for your support!

Katie Redmond

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