Room 106 News: February 1, 2016

Hi everyone!

We are now half way throught the school year. I can't believe it! The kids are working really hard, and it is nice to get back to our routine after all those short weeks. For the next three weeks we will be focusing on our body and what it looks like on the outside. What features make us unique, and how our bodies work on the inside. We started today by completing a self portrait and measuring our height and weight. Tomorrow we will look closely at our facial features, and finish the week with bones and muscles. Next week we will learn all about the human heart and how to keep it strong and healthy. We will have our Valentine party next Friday. The following week we will be learning about healthy teeth and healthy emotions. In math we are really working on place value. We are trying to get the students to understand what it means when we talk about the tens place and the ones place. they will be exploring composing and decomposing numbers. Decomposing means they can look at a number and break it down into tens and ones. Composing means that they can look at base ten blocks and tell the number they represent. We are now commiting to writers workshop three days a week, so the students will be practicing their writing skills more often and have the freedom to be more creative with their written work.

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  • Wednesday is Mismatch day and the February character assembly at 9:15
  • Friday February 12th is our Valentine Party from 2:15 to 3:15
  • Wednesday February 17th is our hundred day of school party
  • Planner homework: Please make sure that your child is completing a sentence in their planner every single night. I should no longer see parent handwriting in the planner. You may sit with them and help them think of a sentence and sound out the words, but all the writing should be done by the student. Please make sure they are writing a complete sentence with a capital at the beginning, finger space between the words, and a period at the end. Please no phrases. If your child likes to use the same sentence starter please give them suggestions for other ways to start. Instead of I like…., you could suggest I enjoy….
  • Communication Folders: Please check your child's backpack every night. If there are papers in the folder please take them out and only return what is necessary.
  • Wish list: Thank you so much to the Cheng family for donating an awesome pencil sharpener to our classroom! If anyone else is interested in contributing something, we are running low on Clorox wipes.
  • Valentine Party: Please have your child write the names of their classmates on the envelopes themselves. This is excellent handwriting practice. Your child is not required to bring Valentine cards for the class, but if you choose to send them with cards they need to have one for every child. We will be making boxes in class, so please send your student with a shoe box or something similar by next Wednesday.

Class List: I will also send a hard copy of this list in the communication folders tomorrow. It will be saved here in case it gets misplaced.

  1. Korina
  2. Kendall
  3. Carter
  4. Stiv
  5. Aaron
  6. Katie
  7. Harmony
  8. Penelope
  9. Ethan
  10. Yasmine
  11. Keith
  12. Madison
  13. Kenzie
  14. David
  15. Adelle
  16. Nicole
  17. Aubrie
  18. Brody
  19. Sofia

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