Kindergarten Incentive Clubs

Hi everyone,

We are starting some new clubs in kindergarten to help motivate students to keep making goals and practicing in these areas. It is possibel for each student to earn a charm for each club. They will receive a keychain to attach to their backpack to hold each charm that they earn. The clubs are listed below with a brief description. I want everyone to be aware of the clubs so that you can be heping your child practice these skills at home as well. I hope every child will earn every charm by the end of the school year. These clubs run more smoothly, and the students have more chances to practice at school when there are volunteers to help the last hour of the school day. If you are interested in helping please let me know. I would love to have you!

Hundred Club: Students will earn a charm with the number 100. This shows that they have memorized the numbers from 1-100 and can recite them without a single mistake.

Hundred Club

Letter Names and Sounds Club: Students who have memorized all the letter names and sounds and have shown mastery on their assessments for 3 weeks or more will earn an ABC charm.

Letter names and Sounds Club

Name Writing Club: Students who can clearly print their name exactly as it appears on their printing practice sheet will earn a thumbs up charm.

Name Writing Club

Race to Reading: This is our sight word program. Students have a race car that moves from level to level as they memorize the sight words for each leveled book. The charm for this club is a trophy.

Race to reading Club

Shoe Tying Club: Students Who can tie both of their shoes without any help will earn a show charm for their bracelet. Please help with this goal at home! 

Shoe tying Club

School Song Club: We practice the school every single afternoon before dismissal. Students who can sing the song without mistakes and with the hand movements will earn a purple paw charm for their bracelet.


School Song Club




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