Room 106 News: October 29th, 2015

Hi everyone,

We have been having a wonderful time learning in room 106. We had a great time at our alphabet party. Now that we have focused on the entire alphabet we have shifted to talking about long and short vowel sounds. In math we have been learning about shapes and patterns. Our themes this month have been pumpkins and spiders. We will celebrate with our pumpkin party tomorrow afternoon. Please remember that your student can bring a small treat to share with the class. Please stay away from cupcakes. Please note that we cannot wear our Halloween costumes. I have really enjoyed meeting with all of you at conferences. If you have any questions or concerns know that you have had time to consider everything please let me know.

Next week our theme is colors. We would love to have fun and dress up in a different color each day. If you would like your child to participte please see the schedule below. We are learning about the science of color, and what happens when we mix different colors.

Monday: Students should wear yellow and/or red

Tuesday: Students should wear yellow and/or blue

Wednesday: Students should wear red and/or blue

Thursday: Students should wear black and/or white

Friday: Students should wear pink and/or purple

 IMG_0679[1] IMG_0681[1] IMG_0682[1] IMG_0683[1] IMG_0684[1] IMG_0685[1] IMG_0693[1] IMG_0686[1] IMG_0687[1] IMG_0688[1] IMG_0689[1] IMG_0690[1] IMG_0691[1] IMG_0692[1] IMG_0694[1] IMG_0695[1]  IMG_0697[1] IMG_0698[1] IMG_0699[1] IMG_0702[1] IMG_0703[1]

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