A Trip to the High School

We had a great time walking up to the high school to learn from the Anatomy class. The kids learned all about the human skeleton, the different types of bones and tissue, and how the skull protects the brain. The kids had the opportunity to disect chicken legs and build a simulation of how the skull works. Their models were supposed to protect an egg (the brain) during an accident. Let's just say I hope helmets work better than most of their creations! The kids were full of new information as we walked back to school. I want to give a special thanks to Jennifer Dean at CHS for opening her classroom to us.2013-10-24 10.34.362013-10-24 11.12.332013-10-24 10.54.122013-10-24 11.15.162013-10-24 10.56.172013-10-24 11.18.312013-10-24 10.46.432013-10-24 11.27.30

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