Room 106 Behavior System

Hi again!

I would like to take this chance to explain our classroom behavior system we like to call Camp Kindergarten. Both classrooms use the same system so we can be consistent for families with students in both classrooms. Our behavior system allows for students to be recognized for outstanding behaviors, and make improvements after reteaching and reminders. Each day all students start out at the Leopard Lodge. If they stay at the Leopard Lodge all day it means they had expected bahaviors all day long.


If a student has outstanding behavior and follows all the expectations going above and beyond in all activities throughout the day, they can move up on the behavior scale. First to Base Camp and finally to the Summit. If a child makes it to the Summit it means they had an outstanding day that deserves to be recognized. It is a big deal to make it to the Summit! I will send home a Summit card with any student who ends the day on top explaining how awesome they were that day.


Of course we would all love it if every student made it to the Summit every day. Unfortunately there are times that students' behavior is unexpected and they don't respond to redirection. In these cases they will be moved down to First Aid. I tell them to think of it as a reminder. However, sometimes a reminder doesn't work and a student continues to display unexpected bahavior. In this case they would move down to Reflection Lake. Reflection Lake is a place to think about their unexpected bahvior and reflect on what improvements they need to make in order to move back toward the Summit.


Students can move up and down all day long. A student can move from Reflection Lake all the way to the Summit if their behavior allows it. However, if a student ends the day at Reflection Lake a different card will be sent home explaining the difficulty they had that day in class. Hopefully a discussion would happen at home to help the child consider how they can adjust their actions to be more successful the next day and hopefully make it to the Summit.

If you have any questions or concerns about this system please let me know.


Katie Redmond

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