Room 106 News: May 3, 1015

Hi everyone!

We have been busy learning about life cycles and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby chicks. I think I am even more anxious than the children! Right now we are caring for the chick eggs, waiting for our Painted Lady butterflies to emerge from their chrysalis, and caring for goldfish, guppies, and snails. We have also been documenting our new learning in our writing journals. The students have rated their own work and picked an individual learning target to work on to improve their writing. In math we are going to be reviewing two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. The kids are continuing to build their literacy skills every day and are reading more and more! I hope you have gotten the chance to listen to your child read for their Good Fit Book envelope. Please remember to send these back every day so they can get a new book that is just right for them. I cannot believe there are only five weeks left!

Dairy Days Field Trip

Many students have already returned their permission slip for our field trip on May 12th. Please note that there is also a fee of $5.00 per student. Some people returned their slip without the money. Also, if you are unable to pay the fee I completely understand. Please let me know and I will make sure it gets taken care of. Please take the time to review the information below. All students, whether they are AM or PM will need to arrive at school on May 12th by 9:00.

Dear parents,

I am excited to announce our filed trip for the year! We will be going to the Clark County Fairgrounds to participate in Dairy Days on Tuesday May 12th. This connects with our social studies and science units. We have been learning about animal life cycles and life on the farm.  I will need 12 chaperones to attend with us. Please read the trip facts below as the schedule that day will be very different from the normal routine.

  • All AM and PM kindergarteners will need to arrive at school by 9:00 am and go to our classroom #106.
  • Every child will need to bring a sack lunch. The school cafeteria can make sack lunches for students who need them. So please let me know if that is the case.
  • All students and chaperones will board the bus by 9:15 and arrive at the Clark County Fairgrounds by 9:45.
  • Our tour will last a little over an hour.
  • We will eat lunch at the fairgrounds and then board the bus to return to school around 11:45.
  • We will arrive back at school no later than 12:30
  • All students, AM and PM will stay at school for the remainder of the day (3:30pm) unless they go home with a parent chaperone, or a parent comes to pick them up at 12:30.
  • All students will go home on their afternoon bus as usual, or be picked up by a parent at the end of the day.
  • There will be no AM Leap on this day.
  • There is a fee of $5.00 per student
  •  Chaperones do not need to pay the fee. To be a chaperone you must have a current background check through the main office. If I have more than 12 people volunteer I will pull names from a hat.

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