Room 106 News: January 30th, 2015

Hi everyone!

Everything continues to move at a very quick pace here in room 106. With our new theme we are learning about crystals, especially snow crystals. We watched a video about snowflake crystals. The kids "oooohed!" and "aaaahhhed!" about all the beautiful snowflakes. We are reading non-fiction books about crystals, and the students each made their own crystal gardens that will be coming home with them on Monday. Also, next week students will get the opportunity to examine different types of crystals under the microscope.

An example of a crystal garden.


We also implemented an new five point behavior scale to give the kids something to do to help redirect their behaviors and calm down when they are escalating. It seems to be helping a number of the kids. I try to emphasis the fact that we all have these feelings of silliness or even anger at certain times but we need to learn how to control them and not let our behaviors control us. Who knows? These strategies might work at home as well!


The past couple of weeks we have really been focused on each area of our Literacy Workshop, especially writing. Many of the children are beginning to elaborate and write two sentences on the same topic. Our writing goals at this time are capitals, finger spaces, periods, and sight words spelled correctly. We started using a publishing scale to help the kids rate their illustrations and make decisions on their own to make improvements. Some of us still need practicing rating ourselves honestly! :)



  • Please make sure to do the writing homework in the planner every night. The kids should really be doing all the writing at this point. You can of course write it on another piece of paper and have them copy it or help them sound out the words. The spelling does not have to be correct.
  • Valentine Party coming up! I already emailed the name lists, but I will also be putting a paper copy in the folders. Your child does not have to bring Valentines, but if they choose to then they need one for every child in the class.
  • Yellow hand writing booklets came home in the communication folders this week. I had planned on using them at the beginning of the year, but found a much more engaging and efficient way to practice. You can use them for extra practice at home but they are not homework.
  • I will be sending out a sign-up for volunteers for the Hundred Party and the Valentine Party next week.
  • Classroom Needs: We could really use more crayons and markers. I had no idea how quickly they get used up in Kindergarten!

Have a nice weekend!

Katie Redmond







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