Room 106 News: January 12th, 2015

Happy New Year!

It was so nice to see all the kids after such a long break. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday, and had some relaxing time with the family. It seems that inevitably someone is always sick over the break, so it doesn't feel very restful. On that note, there are many students who are coughing and sniffling this week. Please keep them home if they truly are sick. We will be cleaning our desk surfaces daily and washing our hands often!

We started last week with reviewing expected and unexpected behaviors. The children have really been working hard to remember the expectations and helping to remind their classmates so we can all be successful. If you could use the vocabulary "expected" and "unexpected" at home it would help reinforce the vocabulary they will be hearing at school.

We have many important events and reminders listed below. Please take the time to read through them carefully.


  • Family Resource Night tonight from 5:30 to 7:00
  • Tomorrow is a PM Kindergarten day
  • Please remember to do the planner homework every night. They can write a sentence about anything they want. The event from the day that I write in the planner is just a suggestion. At this point the kids should be doing all of the writing instead of dictation. If the space where I usually write or glue something, then it is probably because they never turned in their planner that day. On the very rare occasion I will forget or run out of time to put anything in that space. The students still need to write a sentence even if my space is blank.
  • Please make sure you are sending the kid's book baggies with them every day so they can pick a new book to take home as often as possible.
  • Book Orders are due next Friday January 23rd. You can place your order on-line by following the directions on the flyer, or you can write a check for the correct amount made out to Scholastic. Please do not send cash!

Star Student

Leo the Leopard has started going home with our Star student each week. Please make sure that you send all the items back in the backpack by Thursday of the following week so that the new student can take it home on time. Leo will come home in the special backpack with a new student each Friday and spend the week with your family. There is a journal and two sheets to fill out. Please write at least one thing Leo does with your child while visiting your family. It would be even better if they wrote it themselves. There are also two white posters to be filled out about the student. You can have the kids draw pictures, use photographs, or cut pictures out of magazines to glue on the posters. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.


ACTIVE Reading/thinking strategies

Asking questions

Making Connection

reTell the events of the story

Infer and predict


Evaluate and Summarize

We have really been focusing on phonics skills in the beginning of the school year. We are continuing with phonics but also working hard on our ACTIVE reading strategies. We have talked a lot about real reading and fake reading. Fake reading is saying the words correctly, but never thinking about what we read. Text + Thinking = Real Reading. So far we have been focusing on asking questions as we read a story. Our next thinking strategy is making connections. One graphic organizer I use with the kids to talk about connections is a metacognition chart that you see below. There are 4 boxes with different categories for connections and thinking about the text. If the kids start using this vocabulary, at least you will have an idea of what they are talking about. We have also revamped our Literacy Workshop to maximize our time and ensure that all students are writing and reading every single day.

Meta-cognition: thinking about thinking!                                            

Text to text connections:

Connections with other books you have read

Text to Self Connections:

Connections to your own life or the world


How something you read made you feel.









Lost and Not Found!

If any of these clothing items look familiar please let me know or point out to your child that they belong to them. Most of these clothing items have been sitting in the cubbies for weeks or months. I often hold them up and ask who they belong to and nobody claims them. They must belong to someone! At the end of this week any unclaimed items will be going down to the school-wide lost and found to be claimed. Items in the school-wide Lost and Found are eventually donated at the end of the year.


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