Room 106 News: October 14th, 2014

Hi everyone,

We are continuing to work extremely hard here in room 106. Our theme last week and this week revolves around Fall. We have been talking about different types of trees. Specifically evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Try asking your Kindergartener to explain the difference to you. In math we are continuing to work on counting and adding within 10. We have been adding new options to our Literacy Menu. The kids really enjoyed working on Tumble Books and listening to reading. The goal of the Literacy Workshop is to promote different modes of literacy and to foster a love of reading and writing from a very early age. There are a ton of upcoming events and reminders listed below, so please read through very carefully.

Volunteer Schedule: Many people signed up to volunteer when they attended curriculum night. I also know there are many others who would like to volunteer, who were unable to attend. I have decided to schedule volunteers and create a calendar every two weeks. Below is the current calendar that will start next week. If there is a time slot when you are available and would like to come in at that time please email me and I will put you down for that day. The names that are already written are those who have already volunteered. If your name is written down and that time will no longer work, please let me know.







9:00 Wynter Lewis


12:35 Open


9:00 Cistin Boles


12:35 April Andrews


(AM Kindergarten Day)

9:00 Open


9:00 Shawna Philpot


12:35 Open



9:00 Amy Grabenkort


12:35 Open



PM Kinder. Day

9:00  Open


AM Kinder. Day

9:00 Cristin Boles


PM Kindergarten Day

9:00 Open


AM Kinder. Day

9:00 Shawna Philpot


PM kinder. Day

9:00 Open


 Conference Schedule: If you have not signed up for a conference date please look at the remaining times that are available. If one works for you please email me and I will put you down. If none of the available times work please also email me and let me know. If I do not hear from you by Thursday I will be calling you personally to set an appointment.

Monday October 27th, 2014            Tueday October 28th, 2014                         

1:30 Michael Piller                              1:30 Jonah Mellor                                               

2:00 Lucas Astanin                              2:00 Evie Grabenkort                                          

2:30 Thor Brody                                   2:30 Open                                                            

3:00 Layla Bingaman                            3:00 Open                                                            

3:30 Kaden Philpot (Mom)                     3:30 Peyton Scott       


Wednesday October 29th, 2014    

1:30 Gracy Higgs (Mom)                               

2:00 Jayden Rybak

2:30 Open

3:00 Caidan Schawl

3:30 Tiffany DeRosa


Thursday October 30th, 2014                   Friday October 31st, 2014

1:30 Cole Gilbert                                          1:30 Open

2:00 Aidan Andrews                                      2:00 Open

2:30 Anthony Andrews                                  2:30 Elliot

3:00 Vincent Enos                                         3:00 Ronin

3:30 Ally Boring

4:00  Open

4:30 Maya Fisher

5:00 Natalie Borst

5:30 William Ingram

6:00 Gracy Higgs (Dad)

6:30 Ella Powell

7:00 Wyatt Wheeler

Other Reminders

  • We are continuing to collect box tops for the month of October. Please keep collecting them and sending them in.
  • Please send in a 2" three ring binder with a clear pocket cover by Thursday.
  • The Halloween Carnival is this Saturday starting at 5:30. Costumes are encouraged.
  • Due to the high price of $14, and taking into consideration that many of you make a family trip to the pumpkin patch already, I have decided that we will not be going to the pumpkin patch this year. Instead, we will have a pumpkin festival in our classroom on October 30th and 31st instead. We will be picking pumpkins from our own "patch", decorating them, counting seeds for math and science, and sharing some pumpkin snacks. I hope everyone understands and you are not too disappointed. We will have other field trip opportunities later in the year.

Conference Week Schedule for Regular Kindergarten

PM Kindergarten: Monday October 27th, Wednesday October 29th, Friday October 31st.

AM Kindergarten: Tuesday, Thursday

This is where it gets confusing if your child is also in LEAP.

If your child is in my PM group they will go to LEAP on Tuesday and Thursday. This means that PM kindergarteners go to school every day that week.

If your child is in my AM group they will go to LEAP on Monday and Friday. This means the only day AM kindergarteners do not come to school that week is Wednesday.


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