Room 106 News: October 6th, 2014

Hi Everyone,

The days keep flying by in room 106. First I want to thank everyone for attending the Kindergarten Curriculum Night last Wednesday. It was great to connect with families and get some questions cleared up. Last week our focus was on families and how we fit into our family. We created a collage of different family members, we read poems about families, and shared pictures of our families, and we wrote about ourselves as family members. This week we are connecting the idea of families and homes as a nice place for families to exist as a unit. We are also going to discuss where we live on a small scale and then expand our thoughts about home to a global scale, from neighborhood to Universe. We are also starting to talk about trees, why the leaves change in the fall, and the weather. In math our learning target for this unit has been to count and add up to ten. The students have also been successfully participating in our Literacy Workshop. They have been writing sentences, publishing their work, and reading short stories and poems with my assistance. This week we are focusing on the letters "d" and "t". Our Literature Study for this Wednesday is called "Dingle, Dangle" which is a story set to music about a scare crow.


  • If possible please send a 2 inch three ring binder with a clear cover for our I Can Read Folders. I understand that you have already purchased many school supplies, so if you are unable to send one in I will cover the rest.
  • Here is a list of sight words we will be focusing on this year. Please review with your child on a regular basis. There is always the possibility that I will add a few more as the months go by, but I will let you know. Sight Words
  • Our school Harvest Carnival is October 18th from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. the students are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes. I will be there running the cake walk so please stop in and say hello. The kids always have a great time!
  • We are collecting Box Tops for the entire month of October so please save them and send them in. You do not need to write anything on them.
  • An email will be coming home soon regarding the conference schedule. Many people signed up at curriculum night. If there is not a date or time available that works for you I will definitely work around it.
  • The Human Carwash is this Thursday afternoon at 2:30. If your child raised at least $75 dollars for the sport-a-thon they need to bring their own bucket to drench the teachers!
  • Please remember to look in your child's Communication Folder each night. I won't send things every day, but you never know what day it will be. Sometimes it is everyday. Please take the student work and fliers out each night. Only things that need to be returned to school need to be in the folder.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am much better at responding quickly to email, but my phine extension is 78494.


Katie Redmond


Students playing the math game, Which Numeral Will Win? Practicing recognizing, naming, and writing numerals.



Students working in their writing journals during Literacy Workshop.


Students working on publishing during Literacy Workshop.


Students working on Read to Self from the Literacy Workshop Menu.


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