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Spelling Unit 13: Compound Words

Hi parents, Since we have two Mondays off in a row I decided to carry the same list over for both weeks. We will have the Unit 13 test next Friday February 1st. The extra word list that tests the students ability to apply the skill to new words is included on the spelling city […]

Spelling Unit 12: Digraphs and Blends

Regular Words 1. photograph 2. change 3. wheat 4. shrub 5. though 6. alphabet 7. brunch 8. flesh 9. strength 10. ninth High Frequency Words 1. where 2. were 3. when 4. what 5. want

Book Boxes

Hello Parents, Here is an example of what the book boxes need to look like for reading. They are pretty inexpensive at IKEA, Target, and Fred Meyer. I think they might even sell them at the Dollar Store. Some of the students' boxes are still ok but the majority are starting to fall apart. They […]

Spelling Unit 11: Homophones Continued

Regular Words                                1. flour                                           2. flower                                      3. hair                                     4. hare                                          5. two                             6. to                                               7. too                    8. which 9. witch 10. where 11. wear High Frequency Words 1. through 2. though 3.thought 4. whether 5. weather