Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Spelling Unit 9

The 's' Sound Regular List 1. bicycle 2. recess 3. fancy 4. cylinder 5. center 6. certain 7. chance 8. decide 9. silence 10. pencil High Frequency Words 1. almost 2. cannot 3. know 4. because 5. probably

Multiplication Practice

In chapter 4 we have been exploring different strategies to solve multiplication problems. Although the kids are encouraged to use whatever strategy works best for them, it is important that they start to memorize the facts through 12 x 12. I encourage the kids to practice for at least 10 minutes each night. I have […]

Spelling Unit 7: Long ‘O’

Regular Words (Tested)                 Challenge Words (extra)                      High Frequency (Tested) 1. Soak                                            bowling                                                     there 2. coal                                              suppose                                                    their 3. hold                                              royal                                                          they're 4. broke                                            lonesome                                                  who 5. phone                                           roast                                                          what 6. doe                                               coaster 7. thoat                                             chrome 8. groan                                            quote 9. crow                                              approach 10. boat                                             erode

Spelling City

  I would like to direct you to a new resource to help the kids practice for each weeks spelling test. I am now uploading each weeks spelling list including the regular words, challenge words, and high frequency words into the SpellingCity Website. I have no paid for the full membership, but there are still […]

Exploring the Scientific Process

We explored the most recognizable symbol of Halloween in the name of science. We brainstormed using our schema (background knowledge) about pumpkins and came up with a question to lead our investigation. Instead of candy on Halloween we were in search of seeds. The Scientific Process Question: Does the size of a pumpkin affect the number […]

A Trip to the High School

We had a great time walking up to the high school to learn from the Anatomy class. The kids learned all about the human skeleton, the different types of bones and tissue, and how the skull protects the brain. The kids had the opportunity to disect chicken legs and build a simulation of how the skull […]