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Please see the Google Classroom page at google.com/classroom for most recent class information. (You will need a @camas.wednet.edu email to log in.)

The links to the homework/assessment calendars are:

Spanish 1: http://bit.ly/1L3LdsY

AP Spanish 4: http://bit.ly/1Pg78m8

Srta. Rodda

Camas High School Spanish

Instructor:              Jamie M. Rodda

Email:                     jamie.rodda@camas.wednet.edu

Phone:                   (360) 833-5750 x78163

Office Hours:          2:10 pm – 2:50 pm

Room:                     809

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! We are glad you have chosen to study Spanish at CHS. We will focus on the five standards for World Language learning: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. You will be required to demonstrate a high level of preparation, maturity, and dedication. Be prepared to have homework every night, work hard, and have fun learning a second language!

General Rules

1.   Be respectful.

2.   Come to class on time and prepared (see the required materials below).

3.   Follow instructions the first time they are given.

4.   Use integrity and be honest.

5.   Per CHS policy, cell phones and other electronic devices are not are to be seen or heard on campus between 7:40 and 2:10 pm. (If your cell phone is seen, regardless of whether you are actually using it or not, it will be confiscated.)  Violations of this rule will result in the loss of participation points, confiscation of the device, and an administrative referral.

6.   Water is allowed, but other drinks, food, and gum are not allowed.

7.   Put forth your best effort and practice your Spanish!

Participation & Conduct

The number one rule in our class is RESPECT. I will respect you, and in turn I ask that you respect each other, the school, and me. To earn daily participation points, you must arrive on time and prepared, correct homework in class, complete daily warm-ups, participate in activities, pay attention, speak Spanish, display a good attitude, be respectful, and follow the classroom rules. Please have an open mind (rather than an opinion) about cultural/linguistic differences. You will be expected to speak Spanish with your teacher and peers every day.

Required materials

Each day, you need to bring your Spanish binder with dividers*, textbook, pen or pencil, paper, flashcards, red pen, and a highlighter. You should keep all graded papers until the end of the semester, and all grammar notes and vocabulary lists for the year. Your participation grade will be lowered if you do not bring the required materials to class.

*Spanish Binder—a separate 3-ring binder (1-3 inches, 2 preferably) is required for Spanish

5 clearly labeled dividers—vocabulario, apuntes, tarea, mi progreso, otro


Cheating will result in a zero on the assignment for all parties concerned, parent/guardian contact, and a referral. If from my perspective it looks like a student is cheating, it will be considered cheating and they will face the same repercussions (e.g. looking at another student’s paper, even though they may or may not actually be copying their neighbor’s work). The use of translators with written work in Spanish is also considered cheating, as is having one person tell another what to write.


You will receive four passes each semester that you can turn in so you do not lose participation points if you need to use the restroom, forget materials, etc. If a student does not have a pass and needs to leave, they will lose five daily participation points.

Tardy policy

A student will lose participation points if they are tardy or not seated and ready to begin class when the bell rings. The student will lose five participation points for every tardy after the first verbal warning. 

Tardy policy—1st tardy: verbal warning, 2nd tardy: detention, 3rd tardy: detention, 4th tardy: detention and parental contact, 5th tardy: administrative referral and detention, 6th tardy: administrative referral and additional detention, etc.

Attendance policy

Attendance and participation are very important in a world language class. Learning a language requires daily practice and being actively involved in the learning process. Missing the daily practice means missing part of this learning process. Unlike other subject areas, the daily work done in class generally cannot be made up at home. If your absence is excused, you must come in during conference period and correct your homework in order to receive your participation points for the day you missed. You have three days from the day you are absent to do this. Unexcused absences result in a loss of participation points that cannot be made up.

Make-up work

It is imperative that you are in class for assessments. If you miss a test/quiz, you will have three days to make it up from the day the assessment is given. Test/quiz make-ups can be done after school from 2:10 pm – 2:50 pm, not during class or lunch. (However, Srta. Rodda may have you complete a quiz or oral in class if there is time). You have one school day for each excused absence in order to turn in make-up work. If you are absent due to athletics, you are still required to submit the homework the next day you are in class. You are responsible for securing any notes from a classmate or from Google Classroom, and any handouts from me. Be sure to read the TAREA CALENDAR that is posted in the classroom. In the event of an unexcused absence, no make-up work or assessments will be accepted.


Students will have 15-60 minutes of homework nightly. Credit is given for homework that is completed with full effort, legible, and on your desk when the bell rings. (Credit will not be given if a student fills in blanks after the bell rings or copies another student’s homework). The purpose of giving homework in Spanish is for you to deliberately take time at home to practice. The homework is very similar to what will be on the quizzes and tests and plays an important role in practicing and retaining Spanish. Therefore, random, incoherent answers are unacceptable and will not receive credit. Homework should be completed as if it were an assessment. If you come across words in the homework you do not know, you need to look them up! Not knowing a word (or not understanding the directions because they are in Spanish) is not a valid reason for not doing the homework. If you are absent, you are responsible for finding out what the missing work is by checking Google Classroom. I check homework at the beginning of class and incomplete homework will receive NO CREDIT. Homework CANNOT be made up/turned in at a later time. Homework will be randomly collected. If it is found that the student has not been completing or correcting the homework accurately, the student will lose points.


Tests and quizzes will be given in a variety of formats throughout the year to assess reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You will need to know how to spell and pronounce the vocabulary words for the assessments, and understand and be able to use the grammar and cultural concepts. Re-takes are NOT allowed on any assessment. If you are absent one to two days before the assessment, you will be required to take the assessment on the assigned day as you will have been given plenty of advance notice.


Assessment: 60% of final grade

Participation:  20% of final grade

Homework: 10% of final grade

Semester Final: 10% of final grade

  A   93%-100%

A- 90%-92%

B+ 87%-89%

B 83%-86%

B- 80%-82%

C+ 77%-79%

 C 73%-76%

 C- 70%-72%

 D+ 65%-69%

   D 60% – 64%

F 59% and below

* There is no extra credit.

* If I request that you attend conference period (either verbally or with a “Necesitas Practicar” stamp on your quiz), you have 3 days to come in, or you will receive an administrative referral. This is because I need you to get help as soon as you start falling behind.

* It is required that students earn 73% (“C”) or better to continue on to Spanish 2.

Google Classroom

I post assignments and other important documents from class on classroom.google.com. If you are absent, you are responsible for securing the homework/materials from Google Classroom. (Emails asking me for the homework will be re-directed to this website). Students are encouraged to use this website every day–to post questions, to check out the cultural blurbs I post, to see if any assignments or dates have changed, to get helpful hints on the homework, etc. Anything a student posts must be appropriate and related to Spanish/Spanish class. I will give you the group code for your class, and by the second week you of school must join the Google Classroom. For every day after this point a student has not joined the class, they will lose five participation points.

To join the Google Classroom

1. Go to classroom.google.com

2. Log in to your Google account using your FirstName.LastName@csd117.org login. If this is your first time logging in this school year, your default password is your birthday in the format mmddyyyy

3. In the upper right hand corner, click on the plus sign.

4. Click on “join class.”

5. Enter the class code and click “join.”  

6. To see daily homework assignments, click on “about” and then you will see the link to the Google Calendar at the bottom.

7. To see documents I post, again, go to “about” and click on the link to the folder in Google Drive. (You can also just go directly to Google Drive).

In Conclusion

Please ask questions if there is something that you do not understand or if you require additional help. I am also available after school during conference period. Please do not hesitate to talk to me about any questions or concerns you may have. I am here to help you.

Welcome to Spanish at CHS. I look forward to sharing my passion for the Spanish language and culture with you. Through dedication and hard work, I know that you can have a successful, rewarding, and enjoyable learning experience. If you have questions or concerns about any of my classroom rules, procedures, or grading policies, please contact me. The quickest way to reach me is through email. 

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